Rumor: 'Suicide Squad' Movie Characters Revealed [Update]

Suicide Squad DC Movie Update

[Update: new reports claim that Harley Quinn will be played by Margot Robbie, with Jared Leto being eyed for The Joker!]

Those DC Comics fans hoping to see the villains and antiheroes take the spotlight have reason to hope, as new rumors claim that not only is Warner Bros. moving ahead on a Suicide Squad movie, but the characters set to fill out the team of criminals-turned-covert-operatives have apparently already been chosen. The seven - yes, seven - members won't be who many fans expect, but the film will apparently hinge on a select few.

There was a time when Suicide Squad - most recently spotlighted in the animated Assault on Arkham - was slated for development and release, but like many of the WB/DC properties planned years ago, was sidelined when Batman V Superman's plan began falling into place. But the project was kicked into action within the last few months, with recent reports claiming that WB is eying writer/director David Ayer (Fury, Training Day) for the adaptation.

Now, infamous insider El Mayimbe has revealed to the SchmoesKnow's Meet The Press Podcast (after he was done spilling on the rumored villain of Justice League) that not only is the project moving forward, but offered details on which members of the team will appear.

Or, more accurately, which villains from the world of DC Comics will be filling out the ranks of this particular live-action version. And the rumored members are surprising, to say the least - with some exceptions.

Suicide Squad Movie Members Rumor

For starters, both Floyd Lawton a.k.a. Deadshot and George 'Digger' Harkness a.k.a. Captain Boomerang are rumored to star in the film. Both have appeared on the team in the original comics, with Deadshot familiar to fans of Arrow - and Harkness set to join him this season. Neither is a shock, but the third member of the team expected to get a bulk of the story and screen time is a bit surprising: Mari Jiwe McCabe, the African superhero better known as Vixen.

As a past member of the Justice League herself, Vixen stands apart from Harkness and Lawton. While her character has joined the Squad in the comics, it began voluntarily, in an effort to track down her own target. If her powers (capable of accessing the abilities of animals) are maintained alongside Deadshot's firearms and Boomerang's... boomerangs, then there may be enough personality clashing and fight choreography for the three to "co-lead" the film, as claimed.

Suicide Squad Movie Vixen

The other rumored members are better known for their superpowers than personal stories. There's Blockbuster, a super-strong bruiser; Mindboggler, a punk rock telepath; Jaculi, an enemy of the Squad in the comics and blessed with superspeed; and Multiplex, a man named Danton Black able to produce clones of himself - and who will soon be appearing on The Flash TV series.

The utter lack of Harley Quinn aside, these rumored members also call into question just how ambitious the film may prove to be where special effects are concerned. When word surfaced that Warner Bros. would be looking to diversify its superhero movie schedule, releasing lower-budget films alongside their blockbusters, Suicide Squad seemed like the perfect candidate - and a grittier action film better suited to exceeding expectations than performing under pressure.

If these rumors are true, and WB is filling its team with instantaneous cloning, superspeed, and communing with primal beasts, then perhaps the budget may be higher than expected as well. It's possible that the success of Guardians of the Galaxy has boosted confidence in their own team of unlikely heroes, but this team seems poised to even encroach on X-Men territory.

What's your take on the rumored roster? Does this variety of superpowers sound like something that could please a broader audience, or did you prefer the idea of a darker, more mature take on the Suicide Squad? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Source:El Mayimbe (via SchmoesKnow)

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