'Suicide Squad': Deathstroke NOT Appearing After All?

Suicide Squad Movie Deathstroke Actor Parrack

Get ready for some more evidence that the story and cast of Suicide Squad is nowhere near as clear-cut as some may imply. For every confirmed DC Comics villain set to appear in the film, there are just as many mystery roles and actors - and now it seems one major villain may have only been wishful thinking.

The first cast photo released by director David Ayer revealed the inclusion of multiple new faces, including Jim Parrack (True Blood) - who we now hear won't be playing 'Deathstroke the Terminator' after all.

Rumors of Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke had been swirling for some time, with Ayer's past collaborator Joe Manganiello emerging as a rumored frontrunner early on. But when the cast photo revealed Parrack, and no Manganiello, Latino-Review's El Mayimbe offered word that the former had nabbed the part of Deathstroke.

Now, TheWrap's Jeff Sneider revealed on Meet The Movie Press that his own sources say Parrack's role will be nowhere near as pivotal in DC Comics history. According to Sneider, it's a role as 'Jonny Frost' that Parrack has landed: a character introduced in the "Joker" graphic novel by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo.

Suicide Squad Movie Jonny Frost Joker

The "Joker" story offered up a far grittier, more mature take on the ruthless, homicidal crime boss, told from the perspective of Frost. Beginning the story as merely the man tasked with picking up the Joker from his stint in Arkham, Frost soon rose to become the villain's right-hand man before plans - as they so often do when the Joker is involved - went awry.

This character obviously seems a less surprising fit for Parrack, especially given his minor but well-executed role in David Ayer's Fury. Much of what he brought to the WWII-era drama was due to his ability to loom large, and speak sparingly; a similar talent could be applied to the Joker's driver and muscle, considering the manic energy expected from Jared Leto's portrayal.

Sneider couldn't offer more information, and it's hard to see how Frost could factor into the story, given that the Joker is apparently going to be locked up in Belle Reve prison for a majority of the film. There were early script rumors claiming Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) would attempt a prison break from Arkham, so it's possible Frost (Parrack) could appear in Gotham City early on - as he implied:

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