'Suicide Squad': Fan Art Shows How Joker Got His Tattoos [Updated]


[Update: The creators of this fake Suicide Squad image have taken credit for their work.]


There's more than a year until the arrival of director David Ayer's highly anticipated super villain team-up, Suicide Squad, yet the early (premature?) promotional images of the cast continue to leave fans both excited, skeptical, and/or just downright furious. That division has spawned primarily from rather serious debate over the legitimacy and originality of Jared Leto's tattoo-covered Joker.

Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning and pop culture-defining role as the Clown Prince of Crime in The Dark Knight still casts a big shadow, so it's no surprise a radically different iteration of the iconic character received backlash. However, in the days and weeks after Ayer's curtain reveal, many fans speculated - and hoped - the tattoos served as more of an homage to the character's 75 year history, rather than an actual representation of his onscreen appearance.

For the time being, fans have yet another reason to speculate about allusion and reality. Courtesy of DC Live Feed, a new photo has appeared online, depicting Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn as she applies fresh ink to her 'puddin's' back. We can practically hear Ledger's spine-tingling growl: Do you want to know how I got these scars tattoos?

Check out the tweet and attached image below:

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