Will 'Suicide Squad' Introduce a More Muscular Joker?

Suicide Squad Joker Version Muscular

At this point, the somewhat... mixed reaction to Heath Ledger's casting as Batman's iconic arch-nemesis has been well-established, with the rest history: Ledger's performance was so strong, the notion that The Joker would be played by a new actor in Suicide Squad seemed hard to believe. But when Jared Leto was announced for the part hot off an Oscar win, the apprehension turned to cautious excitement.

Since then, few concrete details have been offered about Joker or his fellow DC Comics villains, with Leto only claiming that he's "gaining a lot of weight" for the role (set to begin filming in April). Luckily, the actor's appearance at the 87th Academy Awards revealed some new details: after years of Leto's hair being his most talked-about feature, the actor is losing the locks - and gaining size already.

Leto's confession to ET Online may seem more at home in a gossip column than a comic book conversation, but the confirmation of a short-haired Joker will set many fans' minds at ease:

"This is the last night you'll see me with long hair! This is my going away party for my hair."

The actor had previously teased that he would be losing his substantial mane in 2015, but this will nevertheless come as a disappointment to those who hoped to see a long-locked Joker. And despite the character's fame, director David Ayer still has plenty of room to create a unique spin on the villain while keeping loyal to the comics - as the decades since Joker's arrival have seen many, many different versions strike a chord with fans:

Suicide Squad Joker Version

A pale complexion and green hair may be the only qualities to count on, but his scalp wasn't the only part of the actor on display at this year's Oscars. Having previously gained close to seventy pounds for his role in Chapter 27 - before losing it all and then some for Dallas Buyers Club - Leto's plan to gain "a lot" of weight may have startled some fans. Especially since Joker typically falls more on the 'lanky' side than 'lumbering.'

However, we speculated at the time that "gaining weight" for Squad didn't necessarily mean the Clown Prince of Crime would be sporting a pot belly. Leto has teased his recent swelling (but fit) figure on social media over the past several weeks, but his red carpet/after-party photo-bombing showed just how much he's filled out already:

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