'Suicide Squad' Teaser Images: Hot Weapons, Big Set Pieces

Suicide Squad Comic Logo Movie

DC and Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad movie has quickly shot up on fans' radars as possibly THE most anticipated thing in WB's emerging DC Superhero Shared Universe. Sure, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has iconic superheroes finally sharing the screen; but Suicide Squad will bring actors like Will Smith, Viola DavisJai Courtney and Joel Kinnaman together, while also introducing the DC Underworld to the masses - not to mention re-introducing new big screen versions of icons like Joker and Harley Quinn, to be played by Jared Leto and Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie.

Keeping step with some of the more savvy directors of today, Suicide Squad (and Fury) director David Ayer has started a controlled social media teaser campaign to coincide with pre-production on the film. Today's latest tease: hot weapons, and some big set pieces.

In recent days, Ayer has taken to Twitter to drop the following hints about what kind of big things could be happening in Suicide Squad:

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