'Suicide Squad' Director Says the Movie Will be 'Dirty Dozen' with Supervillains

Suicide Squad Dirty Dozen

With over 40 Marvel and DC movies set for release over the next 6 years, Hollywood had better hope that audiences don't lose interest in superheroes. Of course, not all of the upcoming films are about superheroes; David Ayers' Suicide Squad, which was officially announced by Warner Bros. last week as the next DC film to follow Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, will leave the good guys at home in favor of introducing some lesser-known bad guys to the DC movie universe.

As the name might suggest, quite a lot of Suicide Squad members have met sticky ends, which means that the team has included a considerable number of different members due to the high turnover. The recently rumored line-up for Ayers' movie is Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Vixen, Blockbuster, Jaculi, Mindboggler and Multiplex, and actors said to be in talks include Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Tom Hardy and The Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie.

Ayer has already been generating a bit of Oscar buzz this season thanks to his WWII tank drama Fury, which releases this week. The film stars Brad Pitt, Logan Lermann, Shia LaBeouf, Michael Peña and Jon Bernthal as a tank crew battling to survive the final days of the war. When asked about his plans for Suicide Squad in an interview with Empire, Ayer indicated that his first comic book movie will also be a heavily character-driven piece.

"I can say that [Suicide Squad is] a Dirty Dozen with supervillains. Then I can ask the question, ‘Does a movie really need good guys?'

"I love the passion [comic-book fans] have for these characters and these worlds. I think there’s something incredible about the comic genre and technology has finally caught up with pen and ink to render these fantastic worlds in a way that feels believable and visceral to audiences. It’s a secular religion in that regards. The mythology that these characters represent – the idea of them as fallen gods on Earth – is intriguing to me. I can’t wait to start exploring those corridors."

Suicide Squad Movie Members Rumor

It might to a good idea to meter our the hype for Suicide Squad right now, since the movie's release is almost two years away, but it is noteworthy that Warner Bros. elected to release this movie before superhero team-up Justice League. There have been strong indications that Warner Bros' DC movies will be set in a shared universe similar to that of the Marvel movies, which could mean that the members of the Suicide Squad are being set up as potential villains for Justice League.

While characters like Deadshot and Captain Boomerang might not be as high-profile as Batman or Superman, Suicide Squad is nonetheless going to be a step up from Fury in terms of the resources that Ayer will have at his disposal. "Fury whetted my appetite for a bigger canvas and this idea of world creation,” he explained in the interview. “You can do amazing things as a filmmaker if you have the proper tools, and those are time and money.”

The director remained tight-lipped on the subject of casting, saying only that he will cast the characters "like one would cast any other role," but he did also tease that his casts have to go through a "cookbook of preparation" before filming begins. Luckily there's plenty of time for boot camp.

Suicide Squad will be in theaters on August 5, 2016.

Source: Empire

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