'Suicide Squad': Official Image of Will Smith's 'Deadshot'

Suicide Squad Movie Deadshot Story

When director David Ayer teased some big reveals for Suicide Squad, fans may have expected a look at the cast - but they didn't bet on seeing the entire roster of DC Comics villains assembled in their final costumes. Even so, it seems Ayer has some more reveals on the way, beginning with Will Smith's Deadshot.

It's not a confirmation that such detailed looks will be coming for all the characters, but as one of the film's main stars (and deadliest assassins), the closer look at Smith's character will be enough to tide fans over for now. Especially now that Deadshot's signature mask has been officially confirmed.

The full cast photo (confirming the addition of Katana, Slipknot, and Killer Croc) was clearly meant to express the attitude of the film and its cast, as opposed to giving detailed looks at each villain's own gear and costume. It would seem their individual time in the spotlight is approaching, with Ayer taking to Twitter to offer a closer look at Deadshot's weaponry and outfit:

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