'Suicide Squad': First Official Image of Cast Revealed

Suicide Squad Movie Cast Update

[Update: be sure to also check out the close-up look at Will Smith's Deadshot costume!]

The Avengers: Age of Ultron currently sits atop the box office, acting as not just a team-up of Marvel's biggest heroes, but a sign of things still on the way to the studio's shared universe. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are taking a different path: Not long after Batman V Superman introduces two new members of the Justice League (at least), David Ayer's Suicide Squad will offer a look at the criminal side of the film universe.

As rumors have mounted of seeing Jared Leto's Joker in Batman V Superman, and a Ben Affleck cameo in Suicide Squad, the production hasn't offered many official details or insights - aside from Leto's new Joker design. But that has all changed.

Photos from the production revealed that Will Smith would be sporting a stylish wardrobe as Floyd Lawton - also known as Deadshot - but significant hints about the rest of the cast, or even rumors about their costumes have been hard to come by. Director David Ayer teased a reveal via Twitter, keeping fans in suspense for some glimpse at the next DC Comics adaptation.

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