'Suicide Squad' Cast Photo: Deathstroke Actor, New Villains Revealed?

Suicide Squad Cast Photo New Villains

With production on Warner Bros.' big screen villain team-up Suicide Squad finally rolling, it may be the quiet before the storm of set photos, leaked cameos, and all the extra twists that come with superhero movie-making. Director David Ayer (Fury) has helped to personally kick things off, releasing the very first cast photo of the assembled talent.

Beyond the expected faces - Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney - and the notable absences - specifically Jared Leto's Joker - the photo also reveals a handful of previously-unannounced additions to the cast. That would be enough to send fans off speculating over which DC Comics characters they may be playing, but new rumors claim fans are looking at the newest versions of two Batman villains.

Before we get into the rumors and theories, have a look at the cast photo below. Although some confirmed members of the film's cast aren't present for the first read-through of the script (including a potential Steve Trevor and even King Shark), the implication is that those in the photo will make up a large portion of the core cast:

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