3. The Action

Suicide Squad Movie Discussion Boomerang

Like his name, the powers and strategies employed in combat by Boomerang are fairly straightforward. And even if the real-world boomerangs pioneered by Australian tribes aren't exactly as deadly as the film might imply, that doesn't mean that the success of the character hinges on them entirely.

In truth, the term 'boomerang' can incorporate the most famous returning throwing sticks (ranging from a few inches long to several feet), flat stick meant to be simply thrown directly at a target, or even 'battle boomerangs' used as knives or clubs for hand-to-hand combat. Strip all the comic book lore away, and a convicted killer who wields those kinds of weapons with expertise could prove to be worth the price of admission alone.

Captain Boomerang Comic Powers

Although Suicide Squad was once rumored to include certified superhumans like Vixen or Blockbuster, it seems that the film will be following a more grounded or believable direction for its team of convicted villains. That rules out plenty of Boomerang's more...outlandish powers - like acting as a human boomerang, or controlling his weapons telepathically - but the animated side of DC's universe has shown promise for him already.

Fans already have a glimpse of what to expect in the animated feature Batman: Assault on Arkham, which, despite having the Dark Knight's name in its title, is a test-run for the Suicide Squad more than anything else. In it, a mouthy and conniving projectile-throwing operative proved invaluable. Arrow offered even more evidence, so it's up to director David Ayer to make the most of him.


2. The Actor

Terminator reboot casts Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese

They say that any publicity is good publicity, but Jai Courtney's path to Hollywood success story has encountered some hurdles. After well-received roles in both Spartacus and Jack Reacher, the Australian actor wound up playing supporting roles in A Good Day to Die HardDivergent, I, Frankenstein, and the upcoming Terminator: Genisys. While those roles brought exposure, the critical responses were less than flattering.

Given that, the average movie-goer's opinion of Courtney may be divided between those who feel that his earlier work showed his potential under the right creative forces, and those who have attached his name to the stigma of disappointment. With a few strong roles still under his belt, it seems David Ayer and WB see Suicide Squad as a prime chance for him to show what he's capable of.

Jai Courtney talks Termiantor: Genesis

Either that, or an Australian actor was a key requirement in bringing the Aussie comic book villain to life on-screen (which is an intriguing thought in itself). The question of what to expect from Courtney's performance may ultimately be answered by David Ayer's previous films, in which supporting roles proved to be some of the most strangely compelling.

With Fury, Ayer turned to Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) and Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) - both actors whose 'range' may still be questioned by some - to play the part of a somewhat deranged soldier, and a deeply-scarred man of faith. And their surprising success resulted in one of the year's best ensemble films.

Even Captain America himself, Chris Evans was given a quiet (but captivating) supporting role alongside Keanu Reeves in Ayer's Street Kings. If Ayer keeps up his habit of nuanced, character-driven ensemble storylines, then Courtney may get the same chance to show a new side as well.


1. What Comes Next?

Captain Boomerang New 52 Comic

The exact plan surrounding Suicide Squad remains something of a mystery. When word of the films surfaced years ago, its role seemed simply enough: a film series able to introduce new villains to WB's movie universe, gauge audience reaction, and see which villains could shift to standalone franchises. With word that Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor could also make an appearance, it seems the studio is looking to move successful villains into the series as well.

It's unwise to think that the movie is a one-time deal; there may have only been one Suicide Squad film announced as part of WB's official slate, but we also know that solo Batman and Superman films were left out of the announcement. If the film's high-profile cast is intended to remain attached for sequels, then the long-running rivalry between de facto team leader Deadshot (Will Smith) and Boomerang could become a central subplot.

And trust us: putting the trigger to the team's surgically-installed explosives in the hands of Digger Harkness isn't good for anyone.

Suicide Squad Movie Captain Boomerang Story

Yet any fan of The Flash is likely to feel that Boomerang's history with the scarlet speedster means a jump to that film series is all but a given. Until the movie's tone is established or even remarked upon, it's hard to state definitively whether or not WB is indeed planning to unite the hero and his Rogue at all.

But as we mentioned before, the fact that both Digger Harkness and his son Owen Mercer have found their way onto the Squad, the Secret Society of Supervillains, and Dick Grayson's new Outsiders means whatever incarnation of the boomerang-wielding outlaw audiences will be seeing, he's free to stick around as long as the studio wishes.



Batman Assault on Arkham Reviews

Those are the essential facts for any casual comic book movie fan to get a sense of what to expect from Jai Courtney's 'Boomerang' in Suicide Squad - and see why a silly name doesn't rule out a compelling action hero or rebellious soldier ('rang-slinger?). Have we piqued your curiosity at all, or do you still have your doubts that the character can work on the big screen, even under Ayer's supervision? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Suicide Squad will be in theaters on August 5, 2016.

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