Justifiably, major superhero crossover events like Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are at the top of many people’s earliest drafts of their “Most Anticipated 2016” lists. However, the group of criminals that make up WB/DC’s Suicide Squad are right up there with Batman and Captain America, as David Ayer’s (Fury) entry into the DC Cinematic Universe has attracted much fanfare since it was announced.

Much of that is due to the impressive A-list cast that the director assembled for the project (Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, etc.), but the core concept of the film has also generated a lot of excitement. As the first live-action villain/antihero team-up movie, Suicide Squad has a lot of potential on paper to be something radically different from what we’ve seen in this genre before, offering a twisted version of group dynamics we’ve seen in works like The Avengers.

As Ayer prepares to start rolling his cameras this spring, he has let fans in on his pre-production process, teasing moviegoers with concepts of action set pieces and Leto’s Joker transformation via social media. The director is back at it today, posting a photo of Cara Delevingne (who will play Enchantress) as the actress “inspects the set” in Toronto. She’s not in costume, so this picture doesn’t offer much, but it is a nice look at the work they’re doing:

Shortly after Ayer sent out the tweet, Delevingne responded to the reveal, expressing her fervent enthusiasm for what the filmmaker has in store for viewers next summer:

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to people that an actor involved with Suicide Squad has nothing but great things to say about the project right now, but in an age where some filmmaking talents are aware of their movie’s shortcomings, Delevingne’s comments carry some weight. Her thoughts play in line with what Leto and Ayer have said about their interpretation of the Joker, calling the iconic villain “majestic” and a beautiful disaster,” both of which would definitely blow many people’s minds.

As those involved with the film hint that it’s something special, the anticipation for official reveals will only heighten. Outside of casting, very little is known about the film. Ayer has gone on record stating that he is looking at the comic book source material for inspiration, and a rumored plot breakdown theorized that the Squad would be hired to intercept a convoy containing the “bio weapon” of Enchantress to prevent her from reaching Lex Luthor. It’s also been rumored that Ben Affleck’s Batman will be referenced in some way, and Suicide Squad will set up his solo vehicle for down the line.

Suicide Squad Movie Cast Update Suicide Squad: Cara Delevingne Says Film Will Blow Peoples Brains Out

Once thought to be nothing more than a mid-budget niche film, Suicide Squad is shaping up to be a very important cog in WB’s Justice League movie universe, possibly establishing connections that viewers will be checking in on for the next handful of years. Given its placement so early in their slate of films, it’s obvious that the studio has some big plans for it in the larger scope of their blossoming franchise. Die hard comic fans have long been excited for it, and the hiring of high profile names has shown causal audiences WB isn’t fooling around.

Moviegoers are still impatiently waiting for the first teaser trailer to Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman, but it won’t be long before they start clamoring for more complete looks at what Ayer is doing. With so many iconic villains/antiheroes being grouped together, coupled with the promises that it will be a memorable offering from this genre, fans will want to judge the mind-blowingness of the film sooner rather than later.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5, 2016.

Sources: David Ayer, Cara Delevingne

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