Suicide Squad Fan Finds New Joker Easter Egg

Suicide Squad - Joker therapy bear easter egg

Two years after the release of Suicide Squad, an eagle-eyed DC fan has spotted a new Easter egg in the background of one of the Arkham Asylum scenes: Joker's therapy bear! Now, it's understandable that this went missing for so long, since the bear isn't exactly a major part of Joker's backstory, but it is a neat nod to the comics that shows director David Ayer really did his homework.

Released in summer 2016, Suicide Squad featured a ragtag team of DC villains (among them, Joker's longtime girlfriend Harley Quinn) who are forcibly recruited to go on dangerous black ops missions. Jared Leto played the Clown Prince of Crime himself, who wasn't part of the team, but instead spent most of the movie trying to liberate Harley. During Harley's intro sequence, we saw a glimpse of her days as Dr. Harleen Quinzel at Arkham Asylum, where she served as Joker's psychiatrist and ended up getting seduced by him. But there's something else that you probably missed in this scene.

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— Nед (@carbo_knight) May 8, 2018


— Nед (@carbo_knight) May 9, 2018

Suicide Squad was panned by critics but found plenty of admirers among DC fans, and one of those fans - Twitter user @carbo_knight - spotted this obscure Easter egg in the background of a screen where Dr. Quinzel tries to bring out the Joker's soft and cuddly side (and he responds by asking for a machine gun). Ayer responded by liking a Tweet that pointed out the Easter egg, so it's a pretty safe bet that this one was intentional.

The image in the tweet is from a behind-the-scenes photo, but you can also see Bruce the therapy bear in the film itself (highlighted below)

Suicide Squad - Joker's bear

Bruce the therapy bear was featured in Peter Miriani and Szymon Kudranski's one-shot Joker story "Reality Check," which documented an ill-fated Arkham Asylum's psychiatrist's efforts to understand the clown. This is one of many Joker Easter eggs that appear in Suicide Squad, perhaps the most recognizable one being a live-action recreation of Alex Ross' cover art for Batman: Harley Quinn. If Suicide Squad fans can still find fresh Easter eggs after all this time, perhaps there really is hope for those searching for Guardians of the Galaxy's much-touted final Easter egg.

Suicide Squad 2 is currently in the works, though the start of filming has been pushed back - first from March 2018 to fall 2018, and then again to 2019, which would mean waiting until at least 2020 to see the team's next outing. Still, at least that leaves plenty of time to continue hunting for Easter eggs in the first movie.

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