Suicide Squad & Ghostbusters (2016) Are the Same Movie [Video]

A new video highlights some of the striking similarities between two of 2016's most divisive movies, Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters

2016 goes down as one of the most divisive years in recent memory. Not only was this felt during the election, but the drama spilled over into the world of cinema as well. Two of the year's more divisive films were Suicide Squad and the reboot of GhostbustersSuicide Squad and its fellow DC Extended Universe movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice both wound up dividing critics, fans, and general audiences alike.

For Ghostbusters part, the controversy started well before it hit theaters. Part of this was due to it being a reboot of a beloved classic, but the other part came from the backlash against the film having all four of its leads be women. It was one of the darker episodes in a year full of sexist and/or racist incidents - which isn't to say there's no humor to be gained from either the actual Ghostbusters reboot or Suicide Squad.

It seems the divisiveness of the two films wasn't the only thing they shared in common, however. YouTuber Couch Tomato has crafted a new video that humorously points out just how similar the plot and execution of the two films (arguably) is.

Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters Are The Same Movie

Aside from an odd MRA tangent, the video mostly highlights just how similar the general premise of the two films was. What's even funnier is all of the little moments that both of these films share, when you look at them. Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad opened in theaters but a few weeks apart too, perhaps illustrating just how formulaic blockbusters can be in certain respects - in terms of the narrative and character tropes that they employ.

Like everything involving Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters, this video may prompt debate among fans and detractors alike, but it's hard to deny the similarities and critiques - most of which seem to be playful, more than analytical. Hopefully, the wave of tentpoles arriving over the year that lies ahead will be able to mix things up a bit more, in these respects.

Speaking of which: it's not clear exactly what comes next for the Ghostbusters franchise, though Ivan Reitman - producer of the film reboot and director of Ghostbusters (1984) - has suggested that several other Ghostbusters movies are currently being planned. Meanwhile, Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) will next appear in her own spinoff film, Gotham City Sirens, directed by Suicide Squad helmsman David Ayer and possibly also featuring the characters Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

Source: Couch Tomato

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