Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Says 'Marvel Is Killing It'


Suicide Squad director David Ayer found himself at the center of the Marvel and DC conflict tonight. Instead of engaging the toxicity of the endless debate about which one is better, the filmmaker had nothing but good things to say about Marvel. Ayer helmed Warner Bros.' first supervillain ensemble film in Suicide Squad, which unfortunately received mixed reactions from viewers, although it was box office success and even an Oscar winner.

Two years ago while promoting Suicide Squad, Ayer took a shot at Marvel in a short and blunt way, which understandably only heightened the fan conflict between the two competing comic houses. Whether it was a joke or not, the filmmaker received flak from people for fanning the already heated fandom wars. There were no additional comments from Ayer following the incident, and discussions about it died down - until one person on social media unearthed the topic prompting the director to respond.

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At the height of Marvel hype due to the release of Avengers: Infinity War, one user tagged Ayer in a tweet only to remind the director of his previous comments about the comic book brand. The tirade was uncalled for, especially since it's been a while after the incident. Instead of engaging in a nasty online debate, the filmmaker decided to take the high road and keep the conversation classy by urging people to move on. Plus, offered praise for Marvel's cinematic universe. Check out his full post below:

Ayer, who is known to have great social media behavior, undoubtedly did the right thing by keeping the conversation classy despite the obvious jab at him. Unfortunately, while his reply was positive and respectful, the discussion among Twitter users in the replies to Ayer's tweet turned ugly quickly. Fans of both Marvel and DC chimed in and argued on behalf of their favorite comics publisher, though there were a few who just lauded the filmmaker's way of handling things.


While there have been no substantial updates as of late, the director is expected to be sticking around for another Warner Bros. and DC Films project, having already lined up Gotham City Sirens. The film - which would debut the partnership of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy - was announced in December 2016. However, with films such as Birds of Prey (also featuring Harley alongside some new allies) being prioritized after nabbing a director in Cathy Yan, it's unclear where Gotham City Sirens is in DCEU's slate. Additionally, Warner Bros. is planning Suicide Squad 2, but Ayer won't be directing. Instead, Gavin O'Connor is set to helm.



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