Conan O'Brien is Coming to Comic-Con (And Interviewing Suicide Squad Cast)

Back in 2010, the name Conan O’Brien elicited a certain degree of sympathy from many as well as no small amount of indignant finger pointing at both NBC Studios and one time Tonight Show host Jay Leno. Thanks to the declining ratings for O’Brien as host of The Tonight Show and a desire by Leno to return as host, a messy showdown unfolded that ended in Leno getting the show back and O’Brien stepping down as host in favor of moving to TBS to host Conan.

The entire debacle created a tight-knit unit of O’Brien supporters, known affectionately as Team Coco. Since that time, O’Brien has done just fine as host of his eponymous late-night chat show on TBS, appealing to a wide demographic of tastes including the ever-expanding phenomenon of geek culture. Tasked with reviewing popular video game titles and interviewing some of the biggest names in the genre of superhero movies, O’Brien has always managed to impart his own brand of infectious humor on everything he touches.

As a means of pursuing the hotbed of activity that is geek culture, O’Brien has announced via his Team Coco website that he will once again be returning to the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con from July 20 through July 24. This will mark O’Brien’s second year at the event, where he will be producing Conan live for the entire duration of the convention. This time around, O’Brien plans to interview the casts of Silicon Valley as well as Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad Production Joker Harley Quinn

Last year O’Brien’s "Conacon" trip to SDCC produced some big laughs as he spoofed popular titles like Mad Max: Fury Road and brought his signature style of sarcastic, self-deprecating humor to everything from interviews with the cast of Game of Thrones to getting his own Conan superhero, The Flaming C, courtesy of Warner Bros. animator Bruce Timm. This year will likely boast even more laugh-out-loud moments as well as a huge amount of attention, given the comedian’s intention to interview the cast of Suicide Squad. Billed as social media’s most talked about movie of 2016, O’Brien’s sense of humor should provide an interesting and undoubtedly hilarious boost to Suicide Squad's hype.

It is however, arguable that at times O’Brien could be accused of using SDCC attendees as fodder for his jokes, which aren’t always the kindest of jabs, but in the end, it’s all just comedy and O’Brien more often than not tends to make himself the butt of many of his jokes. Of course any fans of the late night host (of which there are many) will be only too glad to see Conan arrive for a second year at SDCC, meaning that attendees are always willing to have a good laugh at both themselves and the ginger-haired comedian.

SDCC runs from July 21 to 24, 2016 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Source: Team Coco

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