DC's Suicide Squad Finally Gets Revenge on [SPOILER]?

It's been a long time coming, but the Suicide Squad may finally get its revenge on the cruel and unusual commander of Task Force X - Amanda Waller herself. But exactly who it is getting revenge... is a mystery for now.

As our preview for Suicide Squad #48 shows, readers are going to be as confused as Waller to find her unconscious, beaten, and held prisoner in an unknown location. That image alone will feel long overdue for some fans, since it's usually Waller snatching up crooks and killers without explanation. And it just wouldn't be a true case of comeuppance without a brain bomb - but will this masterful scheme really end with Waller's enemy blowing the charge in her skull?

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There is obviously no shortage of suspects who would have the motive and means to take Amanda Waller hostage, so DC is keeping the suspense for now. We're willing to bet that this isn't a carry-over from the Suicide Squad's mission to destroy Atlantis, considering that Queen Mera and Waller became allies when that fiasco was settled. Which only leaves... every other criminal, soldier, or government official that Amanda Waller has screwed over to get to where she is.

We suppose the good news is that most of the actual Task Force X members can be ruled out, since Waller's betrayal usually ended with their death. So only a few hundred suspects to consider. Check out the preview pages below to see what clues you can glean:

The extra twist in these opening pages may be the biggest clue, with more than one connection back to the very first mission taken on by the team in Suicide Squad #1. The guilty party remains elusive, however, with Waller clearly held prisoner in the underwater facility formerly home to Russia's take on a ragtag team of oddball killers. But one of those killers - Cosmonut, with a hammer head - apparently coaching Waller to keep her kidnapper distracted means this plot is more complicated than usual. At least compared to the intrigue-free missions that the Suicide Squad was ready for after their Atlantean intrigue. Oh well.

Fans, make your top predictions as to the villain or villainess who has finally gotten one up on Amanda Waller - and whether you think they'll really show her what it's like to be retired from the team. Check out the full synopsis for the new issue below:

  • SUICIDE SQUAD (2018) #48
  • Published: November 14, 2018
  • Writer: Rob Williams
  • Art: Scott Hanna, Diogenes Neves
  • Cover: David Williams
  • Variant Cover: Francesco Mattina
  • “SQUAD ON TRIAL” starts here! When Amanda Waller awakens in prison, brain bomb implanted in her head in an ironic twist, there’s only one man who can save her—but does Rick Flag WANT to? Even if Rick could climb out of the whiskey bottle he’s hiding in, swimming in guilt for allowing his former teammates to die, why would he save Waller, when the Task Force X mastermind might be responsible for those very teammates’ deaths? All this while Killer Croc contemplates if life is even worth living…

Suicide Squad #48 will be released on November 14th from DC Comics.

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