Arrowverse Villain Joins DC's Comic Suicide Squad

DC's Suicide Squad #45 cover 'Sink Atlantis'

Warning: SPOILERS Ahead For Suicide Squad #45 

DC's Suicide Squad is headed to Atlantis, but they are down a few members... meaning it's time for Amanda Waller to bring some new people in to shore up the team. Thanks to the events of the past few months, the squad is down to just three members when Suicide Squad #45 begins (and one of them is still injured). Harley Quinn is still her usual unstoppable self, but she's joined only by Deadshot, who is recovering from the wounds he suffered at the hands of the Kobra Cult.

The final teammate? A grieving Killer Croc. And the mission? To re-sink Atlantis.

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Following the events of the Atlantean Civil War in recent issues of Aquaman, Atlantis has been returned to the surface, and the governments of the surface world are none too happy about it. Some consider it an invasion while others see the Atlanteans as allies, no matter how their city's elevation may change.

Amanda Waller, of course, feels that Atlantis would be better off back where it used to be. So it falls to the Squad to make that happen - with the help of a magical bomb. However, she's also bringing in some new members to help out on this major mission.

Suicide Squad 45 Amanda Waller, Lord Satanis, Master Jailer

The two that Waller has decided to bring out of Belle Reve are Lord Satanis and Master Jailer. Lord Satanis is a sorcerer from the far future, and it will be up to him to deal with the magical payload that the Suicide Squad are taking down to detonate below Atlantis. Master Jailer, meanwhile, is a genius engineer and security expert, capable of building complex traps and picking any lock. On this mission he will be the one to break the Squad into Atlantis. Both are being controlled by the usual bomb-in-the-head Waller special, and Master Jailer is also being offered a clean record for his help.

Both Master Jailer and Lord Satanis will be familiar to fans of Superman comics, but Master Jailer may also be a familiar face to those fans of the Arrowverse. Jeff Branson portrayed the Master Jailer, aka Carl Draper, in an early episode of Supergirl. However, the Arrowverse version of the character is very different to the one in the comics; Supergirl's Carl Draper was an alien from the planet Trombus, a former Fort Rozz guard who ran into Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) when he was attempting to hunt down and kill the escapees of the Kryptonian prison. The comic version is very much a human, and simply a fantastic locksmith and security expert.

Supergirl Kara Trapped Master Jailer

This new Suicide Squad's adventures in Atlantis will continue for the next few issues of the series, as the gang struggles to balance out a desire to complete their mission without harming the people of Atlantis. Innocent civilians who happen to be hiding below the surface in the lower levels of the city - where the Squad are supposed to be setting off their magical bomb!

Only time will tell how well Lord Satanis and Master Jailer will fit into the Squad, and whether they will be willing to kill families in order to get the job done.

Suicide Squad #45 is now available from DC Comics.

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