Suicide Squad Blooper Reel Arrives Online: 'Hi Mom'

Fans of the DC Extended Universe have a long wait from this past August's release of Suicide Squad to next June's release of Wonder Woman for the next live-action DC Comics movie. Warner Bros has tried to create a buffer by peppering a variety of auxiliary superhero distractions during the stretch, ranging from the upcoming animated Justice League Dark to The Lego Batman Movie. Unfortunately, if you want to see the characters of DC Comics in live-action again, you will have to wait until next summer.

Suicide Squad ended up being one of the more successful superhero films of the year, by grossing over $745 million dollars worldwide. However, the movie received mixed reviews, with many criticizing the film's uneven editing and a tone that continually oscillated between more mature and campy elements.

Don't fret, we've stumbled upon the perfect clip to satiate your comic book needs. The new blooper reel features many of the primary actors from the Suicide Squad. However, it's hard to ignore the spotlight on Will Smith's performance as Deadshot and his various improvisational ad-libs and flubs. While we got a steely and calculating character on-screen, Smith clearly wasn't employing the same method acting techniques that co-star Jared Leto did with his portrayal of the Joker.

Suicide Squad - Will Smith as Deadshot

Suicide Squad was recently made available for home streaming, with a special Extended Cut that included over 11 minutes of additional footage. While it hasn't created the same level of buzz that the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition received, this reel could signal that there may be even more footage from Suicide Squad than is being indicated.

One thing that many liked about Suicide Squad, in comparison to its predecessor Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was the increased effort to inject levity into the movie. There were rumors that the movie's earlier reshoots were mandated to lighten the film's tone. However, by the look of this newly released blooper reel, there was no shortage of fun either on set or on camera.

It's also hard to ignore the camaraderie that the cast had on set. While the immediate future of the DCEU is mapped out, aside from a Harley Quinn team-up film that's in development, little is known about how WB will proceed with the Suicide Squad franchise. It seems that the "Skwad's" chemistry shouldn't be put to waste. While all of the primary villains could be spread out over various properties in the cinematic universe, it would be a shame to miss what they all could do their second time around.

Suicide Squad and its Extended Cut are available for digital streaming and download now, with a Blu-ray release coming December 13, 2016.

Source: Harley Quinn/YouTube

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