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Warning: SPOILERS for Aquaman #40

Suicide Squad's crossover with Aquaman wraps up this week in DC Comics, but not without some losses - as one of the members of Task Force X doesn't make it back to the surface alive. The good news? They go out by preventing America from nuking Atlantis back to the ocean floor.

Amanda Waller sent Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Killer Croc down to the submerged sections of the newly risen Atlantis, but made sure they took some new Suicide Squad members Lord Satanis and Master Jailer. The team was given a magic bomb, and told that it wouldn't harm a soul as it reversed the rise, sending Atlantis back under the surface.

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Of course, Waller was lying about that, giving them a simple nuke to destroy Atlantis and its people... if it went off. The realization that this would happen split the team, and in Suicide Squad #46, Harley Quinn and Deadshot teamed up with Aquaman in order to try and stop Lord Satanis, Killer Croc and Master Jailer from blowing everything up. This week, the battle comes to a head in Aquaman #40, and Master Jailer is the one who doesn't make it out alive...

The issue begins with Master Jailer bailing on Lord Satanis, having grown increasingly uncomfortable with his plan to destroy the kingdom and steal the magic of Atlantis for himself. Deciding that a mass killing is a little too evil for his particular brand of thieving villainy, Jailer flees from his Suicide Squad teammate... right into the magical barrier that is keeping Aquaman and the rest of the Squad away from Satanis. Master Jailer is able to bring the barrier down and join the right side of this team schism, after Aquaman shows some faith that he can play a hero now that he's needed. Master Jailer-- Carl heads back in to try and deal with Satanis and the now ticking time bomb.

But lord Satanis proves easier to deal with than the magical nuke, which almost goes off before the team is able to put it in a magical box (one of Arion's keeping chests) to contain it. However, the chest has to be kept shut with Master Jailer's power - typically used in the opposite direction - , and the force of keeping it closed around the bomb ends up taking Carl out in the process. But not before he does what he can to see everyone else to safety.

Master Jailer's death is undoubtedly going to be permanent, given that he is essentially vaporized by the bomb. Still, he went out as a hero - saving millions of Atlanteans and the rest of the team. It's a good death for a Suicide Squad member... and a whole lot better than a detonated neck bomb! Of course, Master Jailer is a very recent addition to the squad, and a relatively minor character in the DC Universe (especially compared to the other supers that his actions saved), so this won't have major repercussions for Suicide Squad in future issues. Lord Satanis, the other new member of the team added for the Atlantis mission, will also be leaving the squad as he has been taken into Atlantean custody.

However, this loss does mean that the Squad is back to low numbers, and it's likely that Waller will be adding some new members soon... and in the meantime, we can take a moment for Master Jailer's sacrifice to save Atlantis this week.

Aquaman #40 is now available from DC Comics.

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