Suicide Squad Animated Movie Cast & First Look Images Revealed

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The first images and cast have been revealed for the DC animated movie Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay. DC's 2018 film slate is packed full of new projects, but outside of Aquaman none will be live-action offerings. Luckily, DC Entertainment has long been known for the quality of their animated films and this year will see them run the gamut. One of the biggest DC animated movies releasing this year is Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, which will actually get a theatrical run in July. The Teen Titans Go! movie trailer further illustrates that the film will cater to both kids and adults.

On the more mature end of the spectrum, DC will be releasing a trio of darker films based around some of their biggest characters and stories. Part one of a Death of Superman adaptation is coming this year, as well as a take on the Elseworlds title Gotham By Gaslight. In between those two, Task Force X will finally make their canon debut in the new DC Animated Universe continuity with Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay. While Batman: Assault on Arkham featured the team, the new movie will put them in the same world as Justice League: War (and be the first of the new DC animated films that doesn't feature Batman). Now, the full cast and first images for the film have been unveiled.

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THR has revealed that the Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay voice cast includes Vanessa Williams as Amanda Waller, who assembles Task Force X to find a mysterious magical object. The team will be comprised of Deadshot (Christian Slater) and Harley Quinn (a returning Tara Strong), alongside Bronze Tiger (Billy Brown), Captain Boomerang (Liam McIntyre), Kristin Killer Frost (Bauer van Straten), and Copperhead (Gideon Emery). They won't be the only supervillains out for the prize, however. Check out the first images of the team as well as the remaining cast and villains, below:

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While Waller's team will ostensibly be working for the government to retrieve the powerful artifact in question, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is pulling out all the stops by packing itself full of DC supervillains. As revealed in one of the new images, Zoom (played by C. Thomas Howell) will also be in the mix. Joining him on the hunt will be Scandal Savage (Dania Ramirez), Professor Pyg (James Urbaniak), Silver Banshee (Julie Nathanson), Vandal Savage and Vertigo (Jim Pirri), Maxum Steel (Greg Grunberg), Blockbuster and Tobias Whale (Dave Fennoy), Knockout (Cissy Jones), Darma (Natalie Lander), Punch (Trevor Devall), Two-Face (Dave Boat), and Savage Gunman (Matthew Mercer).

Both the live-action Suicide Squad and Batman: Assault on Arkham featured a big cast of villains, but neither can hold a candle to the lineup of Hell to Pay. Like an evil Justice League Unlimited, the movie should offer a wide variety of fans some of the favorite big name and obscure rogues. Many of these villains have also yet to appear in the new continuity, meaning their introduction here is sure to be followed by future appearances in other canon films.

For now, no news on the creative team behind Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay has been released. But with a strong cast of villains and actors, it's likely DC will bring back some noteworthy and familiar names for the project. The movie doesn't have an exact release date yet, but it's said to arrive digitally and on Blu-ray this spring. So for those disappointed in the live-action take on Task Force X, it won't be long until Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay arrives, and hopefully does the characters justice.

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Source: THR

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