Suicide Squad Among Top 5 Most Profitable Movies of the Summer

Suicide Squad Opening Weekend Numbers

There has been an overwhelming notion that this summer has been a disappointing year for movies. It's hard to argue this point with movies Ben-HurAlice Through the Looking GlassStar Trek BeyondGhostbusters, and many more movies costing studios money by not turning a profit. Then there are movies that earned money despite non-favorable critical reviews. The biggest example of this can be found in Suicide Squad, a movie that could gross over $700 million worldwide when the theatrical run ends, but has received mixed reactions from critics and general audiences.

This has so far made Suicide Squad one of the more polarizing movies of the summer, but also 2016 as a whole. Due to the generally negative buzz surrounding the blockbuster, there have been many reports of the suggested, but small, loss that Warner Bros would take from their latest film in the DCEU. If some recent numbers are correct however, it will instead turn in one of the biggest profits of the summer.

Bloomberg compiled a list of the biggest box office successes and failures of this past summer and Suicide Squad has landed in the former category rather than the latter. Bloomberg's report combines figures reported by The Numbers, and their calculations put Suicide Squad as the fourth highest movie in terms of profit margins. Warner Bros as a whole has five of the 10 spots on the list, which you can see in it's entirety below:

Summer 2016 Biggest Winners Bloomberg

While this is certainly good news, these numbers are based on unofficial and projected budgets. Studios do not typically release official numbers for production and marketing budgets, but as long as the numbers are close, Suicide Squad should still turn a profit. Bloomberg's report currently puts the movie around $175 million in profit, which might be a tad high. The reported production budget for Suicide Squad is $175 million alone, and studios need the movie to double that initial budget with them splitting the profit with theaters. Then, factoring in an unreported, but likely large, marketing budget could lessen the profit.

Unless the actual production budget is exceedingly more than reported, the box office numbers for Suicide Squad surely made them money. With that being the case, decisions on a sequel or spinoffs for any number of characters involved could be announced in the coming months. This year has proven that there is an audience for DC movies no matter the critical response, so if Warner Bros can make one with favorable reviews, the box office earnings should only get higher.

Suicide Squad is now playing in theaters. Wonder Woman opens in theaters on June 2, 2017, followed by Justice League on November 17, 2017; Aquaman on July 27, 2018; an untitled DC Film on October 5, 2018; Shazam on April 5, 2019; Justice League 2 on June 14, 2019; an untitled DC film on November 1, 2019; Cyborg on April 3, 2020; and Green Lantern Corps on July 24, 2020. The FlashThe Batman solo movie, Dark Universe and Man of Steel 2 are currently without a release dates.

Source: Bloomberg

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