Gotham Actor Confirms He's Co-Writing Suicide Squad 2

Gotham actor Todd Stashwick is co-writing Suicide Squad 2. There's been plenty of news rolling out of the DC movie universe as of late, under the guidance of DC Films president Walter Hamada. One of the areas he appears to be most interested in expanding is Batman's supporting characters, particuarly those related to Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn will be headlining Birds of Prey, while Jared Leto is getting a solo Joker movie of his own. The development of the former is great news for Harley but gave the rest of Task Force X a bump.

Birds of Prey looks to be targeting a late 2018 or early 2019 filming start, which is when Suicide Squad 2 was previously looking to enter production as well, before reportedly being pushed to 2019. This delay may be a good thing as there hasn't been a ton of information on the sequel since The Accountant's Gavin O'Connor was hired to write and direct the film last year. However, he isn't alone in taking the next crack at the sequel's script.

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On the latest episode of DC Movie News, guest Todd Stashwick revealed he is co-writing the script for Suicide Squad 2. Stashwick is well-versed in the DC world after playing Richard Sionis aka The Mask in Gotham. He does not have any previous writing credits but has been working on a number of projects for years, including movies, TV shows, and even video games (like Visceral's canceled Star Wars game). The gig arose after he worked with Gavin O'Connor in Jane Got a Gun and Stashwick elaborated on the process of him getting involved:

"We sat down, he started picking my brain, and he could see that this is something that I have a deep passion for and I understand genre. That’s kind of what I like to write in. And then once we started bouncing ideas back, there’s a third writer, David Bar Katz, the three of us are writing it together. And so once we started talking and just bouncing ideas back and forth, he was like ‘This is the team. This is who I want for this.’"

Suicide Squad 2 Story

Stashwick went on to say that Geoff Johns is also involved in the scripting process for Suicide Squad 2, so there's plenty of great minds coming together here. Unfortunately, he didn't elaborate on the state of the script or tease any details on how the film is shaping up, so fans will still be left in the dark on those details for now. The good news is that the script is still actively being worked on and finalized, that way, when Robbie, Will Smith, and the rest of Task Force X's cast have their schedules clear up they can get this one moving into production.

Since there's still plenty of mystery surrounding Suicide Squad 2 and there aren't any examples to pull from for what Stashwick specifically will bring, it appears as though his love for these characters and the source material is what got him involved. He said that Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller were some of his favorite characters from the Suicide Squad comics, so it's possible he'll want to focus on giving both even bigger roles in the sequel. As for a potential role in the movie, Stashwick said he's "only concerned with turning in a great script," which is a exactly what the sequel needs. After all, the script for the first movie was reportedly written in just six weeks, so it's nice to see they're taking the time to get Suicide Squad 2's script right this time around.

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Source: DC Movie News

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