Suicide Squad 2: Casting James Gunn's New Team Members

The rumors of James Gunn taking over The Suicide Squad for DC Films have proven true, thanks to reports that not only would the Guardians of the Galaxy helmer be writing the next Suicide Squad movie, but directing it as well. And to make it his own, it sounds like Gunn will be bringing new characters and a new story to his semi-rebooted Suicide Squad roster.

When the first rumors made that claim, we explained why James Gunn's Suicide Squad should be a reboot of sorts, since the very nature of the team is designed to assemble a range of villains and DC favorites in one-off missions. Some of the existing Suicide Squad stars could return, and likely should, given their popularity. But with a writer and director of James Gunn's caliber and personality, we have a few DC characters in mind that should definitely make the sequel team.

The Fighter: Bronze Tiger

Skills: Trained in nearly all known martial arts, able to best even Batman as one of the most skilled, non-metahuman fighters in the DC Universe.

It's possible that modern DC fans may know Bronze Tiger best thanks to his depiction on The CW's Arrow, but the current version seen in the comics is less 'gimmick' (handheld claws) and more of a disciplined, physical threat. Fictionally, he's a master of every martial art known around the world, and has the size and build to turn them all into deadly weapons--and even take down Bruce Wayne in a hand-to-hand fight.

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Practically, it means a terrific chance to raise the potential for stuntwork and fight choreography of the next Suicide Squad movie it new levels (one area even fans were left wishing for a bit more of in the original). As Marvel's films continue to raise the CG/alien army quota, a well-choreographed martial arts scene (or two, or three) would be wise for Gunn to include.

The Muscle: Knockout

Skills: As a former Female Fury and New God of Apokolips, possesses demigod-like strength, durability, and healing. Has fought Big Barda to a draw.

Yes, you read the description right: Knockout isn't just an oversized, muscle bound heroine. She's an honest to goodness New God, born of Apokolips, and one of the most fearsome Fighters ever to join the Female Furies, Darkseid's elite force of woman warriors. And when Big Barda made her break to join Mister Miracle on Earth, Knockout made her own escape not long after.

After emerging as a rival (partner?) to Superboy, Knockout would go on to make a name for herself among fans of both Suicide Squad and the Secret Six. Clever, flirtatious, and loving a good fight, Knockout's superhuman build is as big as her heart. Considering what Gunn and Dave Bautista did with Drax the Destroyer, we would love to see the director's version of Knockout--while also laying even more groundwork for the coming New Gods movie, too.

The Secret Weapon: Multi-Man

Skills: Is as vulnerable as a normal man, but upon every death, is instantly resurrected--with a new, unknown superpower he must then discover.

We know most comic fans will be less than familiar with Multi-Man, but the premise of his powers may be the most perfectly tailored to James Gunn's odd sensibilities. As a man, he's relatively run of the mill, and outclassed by his superhuman teammates. Until he dies, of course... and instantly returns to life, now imbued with a brand new superpower. What kind of superpower? Not even he knows. Not until the situation suddenly calls for it, and Multi-Man is able to save the day. If that isn't a secret weapons the Guardians of the Galaxy could have used, we don't know what is.

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