Polka-Dot Man

Batman's rogues' gallery includes some of the best, most well-developed super-villains in comics. It also includes some of the weirdest, a perfect example being the Polka-Dot Man, who commits grandiose crimes centered around the bizarre theme of polka dots. Polka-Dot Man is a relatively harmless foe who suited up simply because he wanted to test his mettle against Gotham's new crime-fighter, and Batman views him as little more than a nuisance. His costume is covered with polka-dots; some of them are weapons, others are modes of transportation such as a literal flying saucer. It's true that Polka-Dot Man initially wrong-footed the Dark Knight, but frankly that's easy to understand. Even Batman would have found himself somewhat bemused and confused by this strange villain. But it didn't take long for Batman to adapt, and soon he was using trick Batarangs to take Polka-Dot Man down.

It sounds as though the DCEU's version of the Polka-Dot Man is a little different to the comic book version. Collider reports that his polka-dots are actually a super-power, patterns that grow over the surface of his body and that he can transform into powerful weapons such as fireballs. For the most part, though, he's embarrassed about his somewhat awkward abilities. James Gunn has always had a whimsical sense of humor, so it's easy to see why he's been drawn to Polka-Dot Man; the script will undoubtedly flesh him out into a more three-dimensional character.

The Peacemaker

"I'm Peacemaker - and I'll kill to keep the peace!" It's the kind of statement that you only really hear in comic books, from would-be heroes who shoot first and ask questions later. The original Peacemaker was created by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette back in 1966, and was initially published by Charlton Comics. DC acquired the rights to the Peacemaker in the 1980s after Charlton closed down, and swiftly incorporated him into their comic book universe. Christopher Smith is a diplomat so committed to peace that he will slaughter anyone he feels threatens it; he's particularly known for hunting down terrorist groups, and has formed some pretty unsavory alliances in order to pursue his own agenda. Peacemaker is a very troubled man, haunted by illusions of his deceased father - a ruthless Nazi who had served as commandant of a concentration camp. All in all, he's thematically similar to the Punisher, but deals with international incidents and is seriously disturbed.

There are reports that Gunn is considering Dave Bautista for the role of Peacemaker. The two worked together on the Guardians of the Galaxy films, and Bautista was Gunn's most loyal defender in the controversy that led to Gunn being fired by Disney. While Peacemaker is hardly a prominent character in the comics, neither was Drax until Gunn reinvented him for Guardians of the Galaxy, and no doubt Bautista believes lightning will strike twice. If Bautista does indeed decide to jump the Marvel ship and head over to Warner Bros., that may seal the fate of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. But only time will tell on that front.

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