Warner Bros Eyeing Mid-2018 to Start Filming Suicide Squad 2

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Warner Bros. is reportedly now looking to start filming Suicide Squad 2 midway through 2018 after having the script rewritten. Last year, the DC Extended Universe saw its third installment hit theaters, as bad guys turned heroes starred in Suicide Squad. Despite having a mixed reception, the movie performed extremely well at the box office, making it no surprise when it was announced that a sequel was being developed. This time however, Task Force X would march on with a new director.

David Ayer is not returning to direct following some post-production friction between him and the studio (but not enough for him to not do Gotham City Sirens), and a new director may finally be in place. The Shallows' Jaume Collet-Serra is reportedly the frontrunner, and with a director possibly getting close to joining the project, more information about the development process and a potential shooting schedule has surfaced.

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In THR's report about Collet-Serra, they mentioned that WB is currently eyeing mid-2018 as the start date on the sequel. This comes on the heels of star Joel Kinnaman stating they may film in 2018, but is also later than the earliest reports. The reason for this delay is due to the script currently undergoing a rewrite based on a new treatment by Zak Penn (The AvengersReady Player One).

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Based on the production history on other DCEU films, WB likes to begin filming roughly a year and a half before a movie is released. For example, Aquaman began filming in May, 19 months ahead of its December 2018 release. If Suicide Squad 2 does begin filming in the middle of 2018, it could make a late 2019 date at the earliest, but more realistically could target a 2020 release. In either instance, the sequel should arrive in theaters about three years after the first film. This may not be as quick as some would've liked, but this hopefully shows WB's intent on getting Task Force X's sequel right.

Penn's screenwriting credits are impressive, but it is unclear how different his treatment is to what was previously being discussed. With the sequel just being in the development stages, no potential plot points have surfaced yet. Penn's new treatment could be based on the previous script from Adam Cozad (The Legend of Tarzan), but it is more likely that this is a brand new direction for the sequel. What caused this change to take place may never be known. That said, it is better for them to wait and make it work now, than rush development only to try to fix any problems on the fly or in reshoots.

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Source: THR

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