Suicide Squad 2: Mel Gibson Directing ‘Not A Done Deal’

Mel Gibson Suicide Squad 2

The phrase "Oscar-winner Suicide Squad" may seem surreal, but after last night, it's true. While the film's writing, directing, and acting weren't praised, it did manage to impress the academy in the hair and makeup category. That success, no matter how seemingly marginal, will only help to fuel the film's popularity. While it was hardly a hit with critics, and even the editor of the film acknowledged its flaws, the movie made back its budget and then some at the box office. And while fans of DC Comics were largely split, the movie has developed a vocal fan base of its own.

Still, the movie was a big enough money-maker for Warner Bros. that plans are not only moving forward on a sequel, but a spinoff focused on Harley Quinn and newcomers Poison Ivy and Catwoman is in the works titled Gotham City Sirens. For a time, many suspected David Ayer would not only handle Suicide Squad 2, but the spinoff as well. Lately, however, it's seemed as if an unlikely choice may take the reins from the sequel to last year's film. Mel Gibson has been in talks to direct the sequel, continuing his comeback after anti-Semetic comments saw him fall out of favor with audiences and the industry alike.

While on the red carpet for the Oscars, ET asked Gibson whether the rumors of him directing Suicide Squad 2 were true. His response, at the :50 mark of the video above, was surprisingly honest.

"I don't know. I just met some guys about story points. It's not a done deal or anything, but it's just fun to shoot the pool, you know, when it comes stories. I love doing it. And if we can elevate any type of concept, it's good."

Mel Gibson Hacksaw Ridge

While not revealing much, it's a decidedly candid answer about where he stands in the process. It not only confirms that he's been involved in talks, but that story ideas have already been floated around. And while Gibson doesn't seem to have any idea whether he'll join the project, he at least seems open. When the interviewer asked if he'd be ready to jump in, should the opportunity arise, Gibson responded with a shrug.

"Yeah, we'll see."

With Gibson potentially in the director's chair, it does leave the question of Ayer's involvement up for debate. It could be he'll simply write the script again, or he could be focusing all of his attention on Gotham City Sirens. There's even the possibility that he's out completely with DC after Suicide Squad failed to perform critically. For now, at least, it's all just speculation.

Given the tense political climate that exists today and Gibson's controversial past, however, there would likely plenty of blowback if the decision goes through for him to direct. Suicide Squad has already come under fire as it was executive produced by hedge-fund manager Steve Mnuchin, now a member of the President's cabinet. Still, the average moviegoer is generally unaware of the outside affiliations and statements of the creatives behind films. Regardless of how the movie shapes up, we'll bring you news as it arrives.

Suicide Squad 2 has no release date yet.

Source: ET

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