Suicide Squad 2 Reportedly Eyeing March 2018 Filming Start

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A new report claims Suicide Squad 2 could begin shooting as early as spring of next year. Thanks to the success of Wonder Woman, the DC cinematic universe is currently benefitting from a high profile. While previous entries all performed well at the box office, critical acclaim eluded the shared universe until this summer. Next month, Justice League will attempt to recapture some of that magic, but Warner Bros. and DC aren't stopping with that film or its proposed spinoffs.

Along with upcoming solo films for members of the League, Warners and DC have over a dozen projects in various stages of development. Earlier today, it was even announced that Gareth Evans will helm a Deathstroke movie. Not only does the news clear up the confusion about the villain and his role in The Batman, but it proves DC is betting on villains as much as heroes. Last year, Suicide Squad proved that by earning big at the box office and garnering huge support from a vocal fan base. Now, the sequel looks ready to begin production.

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My Entertainment World (via Omega Underground) posted an updated listing for Suicide Squad 2 stating the film will begin shooting in mid-March of 2018. With less than five months to go before production starts, that means a lot more casting and plot information should be right around the corner for the sequel.

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Despite the success of Suicide Squad and the rapid announcement of its sequel, things have been slow-going. That changed earlier this year when Warners fast-tracked the film and the search for a director to replace David Ayer, who will instead be helming Gotham City Sirens, which itself seems stuck in development hell. Meanwhile, word on Suicide Squad 2's filming start went from next summer to fall only months ago. That makes the latest news of a spring 2018 production start rather surprising.

Warner Bros. seems to have found the right fit in Suicide Squad 2 director Gavin O'Connor, who will also write the film. It was only recently that he was brought aboard, so it seems that the initial stages of preparing the film are going well. In fact, Jared Leto thinks he'll be the perfect director.

So far, there's no word on the official cast or plot, but it's assumed Margot Robbie will be back as Harley Quinn. As for Leto, he hasn't confirmed that he'll reprise the role of the Joker in Suicide Squad 2, but he has claimed he's still committed to the character. Outside of the Suicide Squad sequel, he could next turn up in Gotham City Sirens or the proposed Joker/Harley Quinn spinoff that's in the works. But with things set to begin in March of next year, it looks as if Suicide Squad 2 will be the first of those films to arrive.

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Source: My Entertainment World

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