Jared Leto Calls Suicide Squad 2 Director 'Perfect'

Jared Leto is calling filmmaker Gavin O'Connor the "perfect director for Suicide Squad 2." It's been quite a roller coaster ride for the DC Extended Universe's Suicide Squad franchise, which was pasted with a dismal 25 percent "rotten" rating by critic aggregator Rotten Tomatoes when it came out in 2016, yet went on to defy the negative reviews to become a hit with moviegoers by earning $325.1 million domestically and $420 million overseas for a blockbuster worldwide take of $745.6 million.

With plans for a sequel all but a given after the film's smash theatrical run, everything with Suicide Squad 2 has hardly been automatic. The first film's director, David Ayer, bowed out of the sequel to develop the DCEU tale Gotham City Sirens, and talks with Mel Gibson and Jaume Collet-Serra to take over the director's reigns both hit the wall. Fortunately, Suicide Squad 2 finally got some momentum in late August with news that Warner Bros. wanted to fast-track the film into production, which was followed by the hiring of O'Connor (The AccountantWarrior) a couple weeks later to write, and possibly direct, the sequel.

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Now, with the top creative position in place and Leto's confirmation that he's returning as the Joker, the Oscar-winning actor is giving his thoughts on O'Connor, and by the sound of things, he likes what he sees. In an interview with Collider for his new film Blade Runner 2049, Leto is singing high praises of his new director. He says:

"I think Gavin is incredibly talented, he seems to be the perfect director for Suicide Squad 2. I think he’s a really gifted filmmaker and I really love his work."

Suicide Squad 2 Story

While Leto didn't elaborate about his admiration for O'Connor's work, such positive praise will no doubt help the production as a whole once filming gets underway. With any luck, it's in O'Connor's plans to feature more of the Joker in Suicide Squad 2, since his screen time in the first film didn't come close to the amount of time fans expected after the character was hyped in the marketing blitz for the film.

Leto certainly appears to be committed to the role, since the Joker will not only be featured in Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens, but the spinoff film featuring the Joker and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) from Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Crazy, Stupid, Love). As far as the prospects for Suicide Squad 2, it should come as a relief to fans to that Warner Bros. didn't rush the sequel into production to capitalize on the success of the first film. Even with O'Connor in place, Suicide Squad 2 reportedly won't start filming until as late a fall 2018, although that could always change if things come together quickly.

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Source: Collider

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