Suicide Squad 2: James Gunn In Talks To Write, May Direct [Updated]

Director James Gunn is in talks to write the script for Suicide Squad 2, while also being eyed to direct. Gunn helped launch the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe through his two Guardians of the Galaxy movies and was on track to finish up his trilogy. However, Disney fired Gunn over old controversial tweets that had resurfaced and he's been out of a job ever since. Although many fans hoped he'd somehow make a return to Marvel, with Disney completely severing ties with him, his future in Hollywood would need to be found elsewhere.

Even though Disney wouldn't bring him back, many other studios were reportedly eager to meet with Gunn and get him to board one of their own projects. One of the heavy favorites was none other than the other large comic book universe that Warner Bros. and DC are building. It appears, that may just be where he ends up.

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The Wrap is reporting that James Gunn is in talks to write the script for Suicide Squad 2 and has his eyes set on directing. The project was originally announced to have Gavin O'Connor write and direct, but it appears he has fallen off the project. Warner Bros. confirmed to Polygon that Gunn is not in talks to write the movie, but has in fact already signed on to do so.

James Gunn for DC Comics movie

Warner Bros. deciding to hire Gunn for Suicide Squad 2 firmly shows where they fall on the debate surrounding his old tweets. Despite what he may have said nearly a decade ago, Gunn has grown as his style of comedy. Considering all the success he had with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise before, some may have thought he'd take a step back and do an indie film first. But, he's instead jumping right back into superhero films, and there's no reason to believe he can't replicate this success with Suicide Squad.

When Gunn was first linked to possibly moving to DC, many thought he'd be a great fit for Green Lantern Corps, but Suicide Squad may actually be better. Gunn likely thinks so as well, since he most likely could get any project he desired. He's already tackled a misfit group dynamic with Guardians, but was able to infuse the characters with heart and great relationships, something the first Suicide Squad was lacking.

Making this situation even more fascinating, THR's Borys Kit says the movie is NOT a true sequel to the first film and instead be "a whole new take." It is unclear exactly what that means, but it could be a change in tone, scope, and the roster. Kit doesn't know if that points to a recasting for the next movie. Instead of possibly replicating the style of Guardians, this new take by Gunn could take Suicide Squad in the other direction and embrace the uneasy nature of the group, the violence, and maybe even go for an R-rating. However it plays out, Gunn is a major hire for DC and Suicide Squad 2.

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Sources: The Wrap, PolygonBorys Kit

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