Casting James Gunn's Suicide Squad 2

Donald Glover as Merlyn

Every superhero team should have a bowman - Hawkeye in The Avengers, Green Arrow in the Justice League - and the Suicide Squad should be no different. The team will also need a healthy dose of cool, cynical comic relief, especially if Jai Courtney fails to make a return as Captain Boomerang.

A prime candidate for a similar role on the team would be Green Arrow's nemesis, Merlyn - the Dark Archer. A marksman who is Oliver Queen's equal in every way, allied with the League of Assassins, Merlyn provides an opportunity for the right actor to come along and effectively portray his swaggering braggadocio, whilst pulling off all of his peak physicality. Introducing Merlyn also paves the way for a big-screen version of Green Arrow to finally grace us with his presence - perhaps by combining that old Supermax film that went nowhere with a future Squad sequel.

Donald Glover, whose career is currently at an all-time high thanks to his show-stealing performance as Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story and his FX show Atlanta, would be an extremely fun choice for the role. It's unclear whether he'd be keen on playing second fiddle with a character like Merlyn, but there's no doubt that he'd make the role his own thanks to his charming, hilarious personality and esoteric good looks.

Sterling K. Brown as Black Hand

Every good squad needs a good villain to fight, and a good pick would be perennial Green Lantern villain Black Hand. Always fascinated by death since a young child, William Hand would grow up to be the villain known as 'Black Hand' - a name chosen to represent his status as the 'black sheep' of his family, who run a Coroner's Office - wielding a device that saps the power from Green Lantern rings, allowing him to make similar projections of his own creation out of darkness.

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Hand would later die and become reborn as a Black Lantern, paving the way for the 'Blackest Night' event in 2009. He travels the DC universe resurrecting dead heroes and villains, all under his - and dark overlord Nekron's - thrall.

A character so consumed by death would make a fitting enemy for Task Force X, considering they are not only faced with death on every single mission, but actually expected to die. Black Hand would represent the opportunity for the team to be confronted with their own knife-edged mortality, even tempting them into eternal life, posing a question something like 'why risk suicide, when I can set you free from death?'. Thematically, there's none more suitable a villain.

Introducing Black Hand also paves the way for the planned Green Lantern Corps movie, which James Gunn would be an easy choice for writing and directing, considering his past assembling space-led galaxy-saving heroes. If DC wants to continue interconnecting their movies at all anymore, Suicide Squad 2 would be a fine stepping stone.

Sterling K. Brown, fresh off a fun, villainous turn in The Predator and an acclaimed stint on emotional rollercoaster TV show This Is Us, has the brooding and subtly menacing chops to play a dark villain like Black Hand. Brown's career is going from strength to strength, and judging from the fun it looks like he had appearing in The Predator there's precious little reason why he wouldn't have a similarly engaging time playing a DC Comics supervillain. Recently he's expressed interest in playing Green Lantern John Stewart, so let's assume playing a bad guy is his second choice, at least.

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