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Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy

As recently as December of last year, it was rumored that a Gotham City Sirens film was in development at Warner Bros., and was touted to be teaming up Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn with Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Now that Robbie is a lock for the similar women-on-a-mission Birds of Prey, it's unclear whether Gotham City Sirens will move forward, looking more unlikely by the day.

That said, there's no reason that villainous plant queen Poison Ivy can't first make an appearance in Suicide Squad 2, setting up a relationship with Robbie's Quinn that could further be explored in a Birds of Prey sequel, or some eventual attempt at Gotham City Sirens in the future.

There's one fantastic actress who would definitely be able to pull off all of Pamela Isley's oozing sex appeal, dangerous vibe and subtle sense of tragedy - Mad Men's Christina Hendricks. The actress has been keeping fairly busy since Mad Men finished its run back in 2015 (with appearances in last year's Fist Fight and Netflix's current crime-caper serial Good Girls), but her career hasn't exploded like it should have.

Poison Ivy would present an opportunity for DC to continue their world-building, fans to see a fan-favorite character played by someone who isn't Uma Thurman, and for Hendricks to go big time in the world of big-screen superheroes.

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Nathan Fillion as Doctor Light

Another of James Gunn's good luck charms, having starred in the director's cult horror gem Slither, Nathan Fillion has even appeared in a cameo (on a series of barely-glimpsed posters!) in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as Simon Williams aka Wonder Man. Whilst it's improbable we'll see Fillion suit up as Wonder Man for real any time soon, a more likely prospect is seeing the much-loved Castle and Firefly star follow Gunn to DC, where Fillion already has a rich history as a voice actor.

If he does, Gunn should cast him against type, and allow him to have fun as a smarmy bad guy like Doctor Arthur Light. The villain is notable for constantly being thrashed by the Teen Titans back in the day, before becoming more darker and dangerous in recent years - even joining up with the Suicide Squad in their early days. They could even go for broke and give him the classic black and white costume with the silly headpiece - if anyone can pull it off, it's Fillion.

Recently, the character's dark turn has been fairly controversial, after it was revealed in Identity Crisis that Light used to be an extremely dangerous villain - even managing to break into the JLA Satellite and rape the Elongated Man's wife, Sue Dibney. The JLA responded by wiping his memory - and Batman's along with it, as the only objector to the mind crime. Whilst its unlikely DC would use any of the uber-dark plotlines associated with Doctor Light's character, there exists the capacity to go more menacing, and for Fillion to do the same - or to completely ham it up and go for the humiliated, bumbling version.

Camila Mendes as Nightshade

Whatever the cast of characters ends up looking like for Suicide Squad 2, the group dynamic is crying out for more well-rounded female cast members, and Squad mainstay Nightshade fits the bill. First appearing in Charlton Comics all the way back in 1966 before coming over to DC after Crisis on Infinite Earths, Eve Eden has the ability to transform into a two-dimensional living shadow, thanks to her mother being an inter-dimensional being.

Nightshade soon found herself fighting alongside the original incarnation of the Suicide Squad as a government agent working with Task Force X. Her time with the team led her to infiltrate a dangerous terrorist organization, and assist with the massacre of innocent civilians at an airport, thus demonstrating her loyalty. The horrific 'mission' took a toll on her personality and brought her into conflict with Amanda Waller. Later, she would become one of June Moone's first handlers, assisting with her transformation to and from Enchantress. She would even go on to become a host for the evil Enchantress persona.

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Eve Eden's frankly traumatic character history lends itself to a meaty role should she ever be selected for the on-screen Task Force X. The character's history with Enchantress would help build a bridge with the first Suicide Squad movie, should James Gunn decide to not completely turn away from the events that unfolded there.

Anybody watching The CW's Riverdale can attest to the obvious talent and dark, smoldering intensity of Camila Mendes, who plays Veronica Lodge, and she could inhabit the role of Nightshade with ease. The young actress' star is on the rise, and a role in the much-anticipated Squad sequel could be just the springboard she needs to take her fledgling acting career to the next well-deserved level.

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