Jai Courtney Dons Captain Boomerang Tooth Bling to Tease Suicide Squad 2 Return

Jai Courtney is teasing him getting into character to return as Captain Boomerang in The Suicide Squad. Three years ago when Warner Bros. and DC Films were first launching their shared universe, Suicide Squad arrived and had somewhat surprising results. The movie had many flaws according to critics but was a hit with audiences as it made nearly $750 million worldwide. While audiences and critics didn't agree on much, the one aspect of the David Ayer film that was nearly universally praised was the cast.

Will Smith's Deadshot and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn were the biggest standouts of the film, but Courtney's fun performance as Captain Boomerang wasn't far behind. That is why many were hopeful that he would return for the sequel/reboot written and directed by James Gunn. After months of rumors, Courtney was officially confirmed as part of the cast in a recent announcement.

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With production right around the corner, Courtney is now teasing his return in The Suicide Squad by sporting part of the Captain Boomerang look. Digger Harkness has a gold front tooth in the movies and Courtney shared a photo on Instagram of him wearing the bling while sitting in a plane. Take a look, below.

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The post comes after Gunn held a table read for the movie, so Courtney appears to be still in the Captain Boomerang mindset, and excited to return to his DC role. He should do so soon, with filming set to begin this month. After his scene-stealing role and comedic display in the first film, there is the potential for Gunn to further utilize the insanity of Digger for fun. Of course, he is still a member of Task Force X and Gunn teased that fans shouldn't get too attached to any of the film's 24 characters. So, there's always the chance that Courtney's return could be a brief one.

Captain Boomerang is a long-standing member of the Suicide Squad roster after all, so it would be a shame to see him go so soon. Plus, there's the potential for him to have a larger role in the future of DC's shared universe too. The first Suicide Squad included a brief scene of Flash (Ezra Miller) detaining Digger. Now that The Flash movie may actually be happening now, there's the chance that director Andy Muschietti would want to use Captain Boomerang in some capacity. Even if it isn't in the first film, the history that Boomerang and Flash share makes him a candidate to pop up further down the line. All of this will allow Courtney to continue wearing this gold tooth, as long as he survives The Suicide Squad that is.

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