The Suicide Squad Characters Confirmed By Sequel Set Photos

James Gunn and The Suicide Squad Characters

New set photos confirm the identities of several characters from The Suicide Squad. The new photos were taken while James Gunn's The Suicide Squad was filming in Atlanta. While some of the actors spotted on set are returning cast members, others are new to the cast. The photos of the actors in-costume shed some light on what classic characters they'll be bringing to life in The Suicide Squad.

Directed by David Ayer, the first Suicide Squad was released in 2016. The third movie in the DCEU centered on a team of villains from DC Comics who are forced to work for the government. The film's cast, which was led by Will Smith as Deadshot, also included Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jared Leto as the Joker, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, and more. Following its success at the box office, a sequel was announced. Since then, various writers and directors have been attached to the film, but the project didn't begin to move forward until Gunn, who had recently been fired from Marvel, was brought on to direct and rewrite the script.

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Gunn's The Suicide Squad has been described as more of a reboot than it is a sequel, hence the title. The movie brings back a chunk of the cast from the first movie, including Robbie, Davis, Joel Kinnaman, and others, but loses Leto and Smith. In September, Gunn took to Twitter to announce the full cast of The Suicide Squad. Former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi, Idris Elba, Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion, and John Cena are just a few of the actors set to appear in the new movie. Their roles haven't been disclosed, but costumes for a handful of the actors give them away.


Martial artist and actress Mayling Ng is playing Mongal, an alien supervillain who has clashed with both Superman and Green Lantern. Of the new characters, Mayling Ng's Mongal is the easiest to distinguish, with her orange skin, purple costume, red hair, and unique forehead design.

In the comics, Mongal and her brother Mongul are the children of an alien warlord named Mongul the Elder. Mongul ruled the planet until a virus that he carried decimated the population, forcing both his son and daughter to seek refuge elsewhere. Their travels took them to Earth where they battled Superman and lost. Mongal got herself involved in other interplanetary conflicts and eventually became the warrior queen of the planet Almerac. Mongal died barely ten years after her comic book debut when she was murdered by her brother, who claimed that having family was a weakness.


Flura Borg's character can be clearly identified as Javelin, based on the pattern of his costume and the blue and yellow color scheme. First appearing in Green Lantern #173 in 1984, Javelin was a German Olympic athlete who used his skill at throwing javelins to become a costumed criminal and an enemy of Hal Jordan's Green Lantern. Javelin was later allowed a chance to join the Suicide Squad to pay for his crimes. Unfortunately, his time with the team didn't last long. He was killed off in the "War of the Gods" crossover event.

Javelin is a character who always seems come back from the dead, and most of the time, no explanation is given. Following his death in "War of the Gods", Javelin re-emerged as an antagonist of Deadshot in the mid 2000s, and again as a brief member of the Suicide Squad.


Castle and Firefly star Nathan Fillion was wearing a green and black costume on the set. Though Fillion's costume doesn't perfectly resemble any hero or villain from DC Comics, the color scheme, shoulder pads, and helmet are shared by Suicide Squad member Blackguard. The 1980s villain was originally a man named Richard Hertz recruited by a Metropolis-based criminal organization called The 1000. Blackguard was granted powers and the ability to create a mace and shield made out of energy. He was sent on a mission to defeat Booster Gold, but was unsuccessful. His failure made them both targets. After a reluctant team-up with Booster Gold, Blackguard joined the Suicide Squad for a short time. He was killed by General Wade Eiling while on a mission for the team.


Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson was seen dressed like a heavily-armed mercenary. His look for the movie is reminiscent of the Birds of Prey character Savant. Debuting in 2003, Savant aka Brian Durlin is a vigilante with a genius-level intellect and a non-linear memory. In his early days, Savant used his hacking and computer skills to blackmail people. Savant's activities attracted the attention of the Birds of Prey, who quickly defeated him. Afterward, he began an asset of the team, thanks to all the files he had accumulated on hundreds of supervillains. His association with the Birds of Prey lasted for quite a while. The company-wide New 52 relaunch reintroduced Savant as a member of the Suicide Squad, but like many of its members, Savant's time was cut short by an untimely death.


James Gunn's brother, Sean Gunn, did motion capture work for Rocket in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies. The motion capture suit worn by Gunn in The Suicide Squad set photos suggests that once again Gunn will play a CGI character. This time, fans are speculating that Gunn is portraying Suicide Squad character Weasel. In DC Comics, Weasel was a mentally unstable college professor who went on a killing spree. He got his start as an enemy of Firestorm but was eventually added to the roster of the Suicide Squad. Weasel wore a costume that made him look a beast of some kind, so while Weasel has the appearance of a monstrous creature, he's actually just a man in disguise. However, recent comics have shown Weasel to act more animalistic, so it's possible that this may have changed.

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