Succession Season 2 Finale: Blood Sacrifice & Twist Ending Explained

Succession Season 2 Finale Ending Kendall Greg

Warning! Major SPOILERS ahead for Succession's season 2 finale. 

Succession's season 2 finale promised to offer up a blood sacrifice to help Logan Roy save Waystar Royco, and while it delivered on that, it also managed to outdo the reveal with an even bigger twist at the episode's ending. Written by series creator Jesse Armstrong and directed by Mark Mylod, Succession had teased some big events to go down in the conclusion to its sophomore outing, and it didn't disappoint.

Although the events of Succession season 2, episode 9 had largely seen the Roys escape from the Congressional hearing about the troubling history of the cruise part of the business, as Logan told Shiv at the end of that episode, they weren't in the all-clear just yet. They might've avoided one set of problems, but there were still major issues with the shareholders to address amidst the ongoing battle of control for the company. Needing to prove to the shareholders things were changing and someone was being held to account, Logan had to offer a "blood sacrifice".

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The Succession season 2 finale offers up a number of possibilities, with everyone pointing the finger to someone else: Kendall says it should be Gerri; Roman, leaping to her defense, offers up Frank, who suggests Karl, and round and round it goes. Everyone's name is mentioned - even, hilariously, Connor's - but in the end it's Kendall who becomes the sacrificial lamb. This wasn't too much of a surprise, since the season opened with him performing a similar role, but the finale twists it in the final moments. At the end of "This Is Not For Tears", Kendall goes off script, refusing to take the blame and throwing his father under the bus. It's an incredible plot twist, at once a total shock and yet, at the same time, one we perhaps should've seen coming.

Succession Season 2 Finale Ending Kendall Roy

Kendall has spent the whole of Succession season 2 being subservient to his father after the tragic events of the season 1 finale, which was enough to make us forget that he tried to take Logan down in the first place. But while he's spent most of this season like Theon Greyjoy in his Reek days, there have been reminders that Kendall is as duplicitous as anyone. He's betrayed a number of people this season, including selling out Roman and Shiv, and so selling out another family member isn't too much of a stretch; it just needed him to break free of his father's hold.

There isn't necessarily one moment to pinpoint there, but the Succession season 2 finale does offer up his relationship with Naomi Pierce as a particularly telling example. When Logan has Kendall tell her to leave the boat, he says his father loves him, to which she responds: "He loves the broken you." It's a line that stings because of how true it is, and is a key factor in Kendall's turn at the end of the episode. It's also worth noting Kendall's relationship with Greg, which has nicely developed across season 2; Greg watching over him when he was transported to make his speech is likely the moment it all came together for them both.

There's also Kendall's interactions with Logan in the episode, as his father tells him that he's "not a killer". In the end, Kendall proves him wrong. He tried hard to be the killer in season 1, but ultimately wasn't. Now, after a season at daddy's side, he is that guy. The twist turns the series on its head yet again, a fascinating mirror to the season 2 premiere that nicely sets up a thrilling battle between Logan and Kendall in Succession season 3, but there's also the question of whether this was all part of the plan. Logan is a Tywin-esque figure who is rarely caught off-guard, and he looks almost happy when Kendall goes against him on live TV. It's entirely possible that Logan knew this would happen, or was at least aware of the possibility, perhaps even wanting to see if Ken might actually do it. Succession season 2's finale pits father against son, but it also suggests that Kendall is finally ready to be the successor now, with some "Greg sprinkles" for good measure.

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