Suburbicon International Trailer: Matt Damon's Life is Falling Apart

Matt Damon plays a man whose life is falling apart in the international trailer for Suburbicon. Damon frequently plays characters who are in desperate need of help. Whether he has lost his memory (The Bourne Identity) or is stranded far from home (The Martian) it seems like Damon often plays characters who tend to get themselves in over their heads. Which also seems to be the case in the upcoming film Suburbicon.

In Suburbicon, Damon plays a man named Mr. Lodge who appears to be a typical husband and father in 1959. But when his wife dies, a series of events reveal that things in Suburbicon are not as normal and wholesome as they appear. An earlier trailer gave quite a bit of details as to exactly why Lodge's life goes from ideal to the mess it becomes.

Now the international trailer has been released by Entertainment One UK, and its focus is not so much on why these things happen to Mr. Lodge. Instead, the trailer highlights exactly how bad Lodge's life becomes throughout the movie, in a somewhat humorous way - in spite of director George Clooney insisting it's not a comedy.

The trailer opens with Mr. Lodge going to work, and his emotionless reaction to the series of people offering him sympathy for the death of his wife. From there, Lodge informs his young son Nicky that Auntie Margaret is going to stay with them for awhile to help out. It is made obvious that Lodge does not want to talk to the police about the night his wife died - during a break in. And the reasons become abundantly clear as things fall apart in Lodge's life - in stark contrast to Suburbicon's clean and wholesome appearance. The police think he borrowed money from the mob. An insurance investigator is suspicious about the cause of death. Thugs come after them. Even Nicky becomes suspicious. And through it all, Lodge is clearly struggling to cope with the stress.

Suburbicon director George Clooney and writers Joel and Ethan Coen are frequent collaborators, having made a number of films together - though this time, Clooney is not appearing as an actor, he's just directing. Star Matt Damon has worked with them all as well, he and Clooney have co-starred in several films and Clooney also directed him in The Monuments Men. The film's other stars, Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac also have some history with The Coen brothers, her in The Big Lebowski and him in Inside Llewyn Davis. With this much history between writers, actors, and director, it's clear that Suburbicon may be about a man whose life is falling apart. But the team behind it work together well enough to promise a solid film.

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Source: Entertainment One UK

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  • Suburbicon (2017) release date: Oct 27, 2017
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