15 Stupid Tweets That Got Actors In Serious Trouble

Twitter can be a great place to spread news and opinions, but for some actors it's a place to get into some serious trouble.

Ah, Tweets. 140 characters of mindless stupidity that can either earn accolades and appreciation from the fans or put someone into some serious hot water. With a Commander in Chief constantly tapping out whatever jumps through his head, often in the wee hours of the morning, Twitter has been one of those places people tend to put their feet in their mouths or just get into a lot of trouble. It isn't just politicians like former Congressman Anthony Weiner who Tweeted a picture of his... well, you know. Regular people tap out random things all the time and while some folks have gotten fired over Tweets, we tend to focus more of our attention of those we celebrate, particularly actors.

They have the spotlight and they tend to use it. You might find one actor or actress talking about their political ideologies or even doing some good to support disaster relief, world hunger, or to bring attention to a worthwhile cause. Then, there are these people. Sometimes you just want to watch them on the screen and not have to hear what the actual person has to say but Twitter has given us all a platform, even those of us who should only say the things other people have written down for them.

We went through some of the dumbest, most racist, mind-numbingly idiotic Tweets we could find and came up with these 15 Stupid Tweets That Got Actors In Serious Trouble.


Ashton Kutcher Tweets about Joe Paterno firing

You know that saying "Ignorance is bliss" and how it refers to not worrying about something you don't know anything about? Well, sometimes ignorance and access to a Twitter account with more than 18 million followers will make you look like an idiot. That's exactly what happened to Ashton Kutcher when he tweeted about the firing of former Penn State football Coach Joe Paterno in 2011.

What Kutcher clearly did not know at the time and just about everyone else did is that Mr. Paterno wasn't let go for anything to do with his career, but rather his negligence in allowing Jerry Sandusky, his former defensive coordinator, to sexually assault young boys.

Knowing that, it's easy to see why his Tweet would cause something of an uproar and give Mr. Kutcher cause to watch the news or read a paper before shooting off hashtags #insult and #noclass when talking about a man who was complicit in the sexual abuse of kids.

To his credit, Kutcher quickly apologized and deleted the offensive Tweet, which must have been the right thing to do since he remains one of the most popular people on the social media network.


Some people who start out as one of the Nickelodeon's major players can go on to make quite a name for themselves. Stars like Ariana Grande and Kenan Thompson are only a couple of names on that list, but it seems that on occasion, some people just don't transition well into adulthood from the small screen.

One such person is Amanda Bynes, whose public breakdown saw the young actress charged with multiple DUIs, reckless driving, and other charges to include criminal possession of marijuana. She was eventually hospitalized for 72 hours for an assessment of her mental health and while she appears to be on the mend, she went through several evaluations.

Her Tweets have landed her in trouble for a number of reasons. In 2014, she claimed her father sexually assaulted her via Twitter, but later recanted saying he installed a chip in her brain forcing her to make the accusation. Before that, she got a lot of flack and public scrutiny for the series of random and offensive Tweets like the two pictured above.

Truly, we could have thrown dozens of weird Tweets of hers on here, but these two were some of the worst.


Lindsay Lohan Tweets about a Hurricane

Speaking of people who grew up in the spotlight, Lindsay Lohan had an incredible career as a child star but stumbled into adulthood with many of the same problems Ms. Bynes has had.

She has been charged multiple times with drug possession, DUI, and the like, so it's no surprise she might have also gotten some negative attention from her Twitter account. For anyone who grew up in Florida or the Gulf Coast, they know fairly well that a hurricane is nothing to joke about. You see one coming, you need to prepare and/or evacuate. There's nothing wrong with that; preparing for a natural disaster is simply the intelligent thing to do.

According to Ms. Lohan, it's not what anyone should be doing. What's with all the negativity? She asked why people were in such a panic about hurricane Sandy (She called it Sally). People should just project positivity and pray for peace! Well, that's a nice sentiment and all, but shouldn't people also tape up their windows, have some emergency supplies, and get the heck out of Dodge?

Lohan also complained about flight cancellations via a reTweet proving she had no idea what a hurricane actually was.


Alec Baldwin Tweets about American Airlines

Alec Baldwin has been tearing it up on last season's Saturday Night Live run as President Donald Trump, but a little while ago, he took some flack for screwing around on a flight.

You know how back in the day flight attendants would ask everyone to turn off their cell phones before they could taxi and take off? Fortunately, they got rid of that rule, but when Mr. Baldwin was aboard a flight waiting to take off, he couldn't just stop playing Words With Friends so he refused to comply. The pilot actually booted the Beetlejuice star from the flight saying "The passenger was extremely rude to the crew, calling them inappropriate named and using offensive language."

Baldwin Tweeted the pictured message complaining about his ejection and followed up by saying that American Airlines is "Where retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950's find jobs as flight attendants." He was heavily criticized for his behavior and public statements made via Twitter.

Baldwin recovered quickly from the mishap and went on to play the President of the United States so it wasn't too damaging to his career in the end.


Sarah Silverman Tweets about Swastikas

Have you ever walked down the street in a city and noticed the images in the photo above? You might have thought they were Swastikas or perhaps you realized that wasn't the case since they don't actually look like the symbol of the Nazi party, but rather, look like some kind of surveyor marking. That's probably because they are surveyor marks, not Swastikas.

While Sarah Silverman was walking around on a quest for coffee, she saw the markings, and Tweeted that Neo Nazis could have done a better job had they just queried Google to find out what a Swastika was supposed to look like.

This particular Tweet didn't land the comedienne into serious trouble, but it lined her up for an immense amount of mockery. People began posting images of survey crews and called them Nazis while tagging Silverman. She came off looking rather stupid, but instead of just making a mistake and moving on, she said her daily anti-Semitic abuse contributed to her misidentification.

The negative attention only highlighted her recent anti-Trump rhetoric, which only helped to dilute her message and project more negativity her way.


Selena Gomez Tweet

Selena Gomez has been in and out of the news for years, but rarely skirts much controversy. Then there was the time she threw herself into an online spat between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, her BFF. In an attempt to deflect, she Tweeted "There are more important things to talk about... Why can't people use their voice for something that f-----g matters?" This got her into a spat with other stars and resulted in an apology Tweet (pictured) that ended up earning the ire of fans who felt she was being flippant and unsupportive of real issues, like the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Spring Breakers star's apologies for the Tweets only landed her in more trouble with fans. During a concert in Indonesia, she brought up the issue by saying "I get stupid sometimes. I say things that I don’t mean, or that come out wrong, just because I care so badly.”

This only served to increase the belief that she wasn't truly remorseful and that she should use her platform and celebrity for more important things.


Hulk Hogan Tweets about his daughter's legs

There's creepy and then there's Hulk Hogan. You may recall that while on the campaign trail in 2016, then candidate Donald Trump commented that if Ivanka weren't his daughter, he might date her. That was pretty gross, but at least Trump never Tweeted a picture of his daughter's anatomy, which is exactly what WWE superstar Hulk Hogan did and it was creepy AF! We get it, Brooke is an attractive woman and you are proud of her... It's okay to say that; it's not okay to snap a pic of those legs and post them for the world to see.

It's not as if he is her creepy step-father or some other non-blood relative, Hogan is Brooke's father! After he Tweeted the image, Brooke spoke out on his behalf saying "A dad can't even be proud of his daughter without sickos makin it something it's not."

Rumors of an inappropriate relationship between the two have only grown with pictures of him lathering her up with sunscreen on her "upper thigh", but the two continue to insist they have a healthy father/daughter relationship.


Russell Crowe Tweets about circumcision

In the Jewish faith, the act of circumcision is a covenant between God and Abraham. Frankly, it's a big deal that the faithful take very seriously and before doctors started snipping the willies of Jews and Gentiles alike, it was one of the distinguishing characteristics between the two groups. When a Gentile comments about the practice, it can create something of a backlash. Criticizing an entire faith's practice is never taken well by the group as those folks can be somewhat sensitive about the subject.

When Gladiator star, Russell Crowe decided to sound off on the subject, he got some seriously negative attention because of it. "Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect."

There's being against circumcision and then there's taking the stance that it's barbaric and stupid to go against nature/God's design. Since it's all about a covenant to Jews between them and God, the Tweet was particularly insulting.


The Tweet shown above next to a picture of Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report brought him some seriously negative attention.

The only real problem was that the Tweet didn't even come from Colbert, but rather, the Twitter account associated with his show. He likely had nothing to do with it, but in the real world, that just doesn't matter and Tweeting such a racist comment about Asian people (even going so far as to hashtag #Asian in the Tweet) was bad for business.

What most people seeing the Tweet didn't know was that it was meant to be satirical and was only funny to those who caught his show the previous evening. He did a story about Washington Redskins' owner Dan Snyder and the backlash the team was getting over its name. "Ching-Chong Ding-Dong" was also a reference used by his character previously when he attacked Rush Limbaugh.

Despite the Tweet's purpose of being satirical and not coming from Colbert himself, the show received bad press and earned a #CancelColbert hashtag trending on Twitter.


Chris Brown Tweets about Ebola as Population Control

If there's one thing Chris Brown is familiar with, it's controversy. People who have never heard his music know that he beat the ever-living-hell out of then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. He has also been banned on Twitter for going on tirades so offensive that people reported him. Given his reputation, there should be no surprise in seeing him on a list like this, but what was really difficult was finding only one Tweet to throw on here since his profile was so full of offensive diatribes.

Between 2014 and 2016, there was a significant Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the world took notice. People sent money, Doctors Without Borders went into the dangerous area and treated the sick, and Chris Brown Tweeted that he thought it was some form of population control.

The incredibly offensive comment on Twitter only increased the outrage against the singer and easily landed him on this list. This is one of those comments best kept to oneself and only works to negatively impact an already damaged reputation.


Jared Padalecki Tweets about Phillip Seymour Hoffman's Death

2014 seemed like the year we lost more celebrities than any other (until 2016 that is). Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, Maya Angelou, and dozens of other beloved actors, politicians, singers, and artists passed away throughout the year so when Phillip Seymour Hoffman joined the list, the world mourned the passing of yet another great entertainer.

When Jared Padalecki, star of The CW's Supernatural decided to weigh in on the death of the legendary actor, he called the death "Senseless" and "Stupid."

It's sad when someone succumbs to drugs and alcohol like Mr. Hoffman did in 2014. Calling the death senseless and stupid is not the way to properly mourn the loss of anyone despite the manner in which they passed. Padalecki's insensitive comment towards Mr. Hoffman and his demise earned him the wrong kind of attention and he was forced to Tweet an apology. While he wasn't fired from his show, his name was dragged through the mud for months over the comment.


Charlie Sheen Tweets about Trump

Charlie Sheen has been saying random, weird things for years. He has tiger blood, is a superman, or something... it's difficult to comprehend his particular level of madness, but even with his insane comments over the years, he never really got himself into much trouble.

Sure, he was fired over things he said publicly about the producer of his show Two and a Half Men, but that only launched his career into live performances and another show. He's a tough guy to put down since he doesn't seem to take hits too seriously.

Then there was the time he implied he wanted God to kill the President of the United States. While it's certainly okay to dislike a public official and say so on Twitter like so many people do, implying a threat that would result in the death of the President is not something the Secret Service takes too kindly. He posted the Tweet after the death of Debbie Reynolds making the implication clear.

Sheen took a lot of heat for the comment, but like most things he does that lands him in trouble, it slid right off and is the only Tweet on this list that wasn't deleted.


If there's one thing everyone should know about posting things online it's that you should be very careful posting real information. Lance Armstrong learned this lesson when he Tweeted his cell phone number and Spike Lee got a dose of reality when he retweeted a post of George Zimmerman's real-world address. The only problem: it wasn't actually George Zimmerman's address and instead led to the home of the McCain family... who sued the She's Gotta Have It director.

Instead of leading angry fans to the home of George Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon Martin, Lee's 240,000 Twitter followers were given the address of an elderly Florida couple. Lee was sued for negligence and settled with the couple. He even called and apologized to them personally, but they reignited the suit, seeking $15,000 in damages due to the ongoing threats resulting from the original retweet.

Not only did his Tweet get him into serious trouble, it ended up costing him money and endangered two innocent people.


Melissa Villasenor Racist Tweets

You might think that being the first Latina on the cast of Saturday Night Live would contribute to some level of racial sensitivity, but as Melissa Villaseñor's Twitter account has shown, you would be way off.

Most comedians who joke about racial issues tend to be on one side of the commentary, but in a flurry of Twitter activity, Villaseñor Tweeted racist comments about blacks, Hispanics, whites, and pretty much everyone else in-between. She took immediate flack over the Tweets and they were all subsequently deleted, but not before thousands of offended people snapped some screengrabs.

Users lashed out at the SNL cast member for her comments, many of which were older posts that only received attention due to her casting. Her account was taken down and most of her Tweets from previous years were removed before it was brought back.

In a lesson to all comedians, Tweeting something like "A bossy black lady at my temp job right now looks exactly like Steve Erkel. Ugly" is not the best way to make a joke or leave a good impression.


Gilbert Gottfried Tweets about the Japanese Tsunami

In what is probably the best example of Tweeting in poor taste, Gilbert Gottfried decided the best way to deal with the Tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 was to make fun of it and the Japanese people. In a fit of Twitter insanity, Gottfried Tweeted more than 10 insulting, demeaning, and insensitive comments about the event. All of the Tweets were quickly deleted, but they were saved by insulted fans and left for the world to see. In a poor attempt at an apology, Gottfried said, "I was born without a censor button. My mouth and now e-mail will continue to get me into trouble."

Gottfried's comments had the real world impact of getting him fired from his gig as the Aflac duck. It wasn't the first time he has made jokes in poor taste. Only three weeks after 9/11, he joked about the attack.

Timing is certainly not his best feature and while this entry consists of much more than a single Tweet, he spewed them all out in such rapid-fire, they amount to a single, idiotic attempt at comedy that landed the comedian in some serious trouble.


Are there any other celebrity Tweets that backfired? Leave them in the comments!

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