10 Stunning Gotham City Sirens Cosplays

Though DC's rumored Gotham City Sirens movie seems to be on hold, we can get our villainess fix via these amazing cosplays.

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman became the three most notorious antagonists in DC comic history, which left the creators thinking that they needed their own story. So, in 2009, the trio's own headline printed them as the Gotham City Sirens; a villainous group of crusaders out to wreck the town. They became an instant hit, especially in the eyes of cosplayers who use the iconic troop to form their own Gotham City Siren brigades.

It's easy to love these three DC characters; despite the fact that their devilish antics routinely get in the way of superheroes like Batman, there's something about their charm that keeps the audience wanting more. With the ongoing collection of DC comics making their way into the DCEU, the idea of the Gotham City Sirens has been hotter than ever. While the rumored Gotham City Sirens film has been put on hold for the time being, it hasn't stopped cosplayers from putting their own spin on the female-based group. Until we get these three in their own DCEU film, check out these 10 stunning Gotham City Sirens cosplays.

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10 Roller Derby Sirens

Autumn, who portrays Harley Quinn in this cosplay photo op, sided with her friends to put together this one-of-a-kind idea of the infamous trio. Roller Derby is a contact sport that is mostly played by women, and it's no question that Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman would kill in this game—maybe even literally. These three cosplayers worked together to form their own team, making sure that their uniforms pay homage to their individual character's signature colors. Their skates are tied down tight and, with the Gotham City Sirens, the other team better be prepared to fight their way through Harley's hammer, Catwoman's whip, and Ivy's poisonous shrubs.

9 1920s Gotham City Sirens

If DCEU executives need some new ideas for their Gotham City Sirens film, all they'd need to do is pick the brains of a cosplayer. Take these three for example, who had the brilliant notion to put together flapper Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman. It's a brilliant conviction, especially considering the success of the 1920s themed Great Gatsby film. These cosplayers do their characters justice, and it would be interesting to see this idea come to fruition.

8 Steampunk Sirens

This Steampunk City Sirens concept is derived from artist No Flutter's portfolio. She's a popular designer within the cosplay community, and cosplayers frequently find themselves preferring her unique ideas to the original comic drawings. These Steampunk City Sirens cosplayers have worked in all of the artist's intricate details, down to the studded goggles.

7 The Bombshells

DC Comics released a line of collectible superheroines fashioned in 1940s garb and dubbed them the DC Bombshells. The bombshells feature all of DC's title female heroes and its villains. Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman don't exactly present themselves as the Gotham City Sirens in this universe, but its fun to play around with the idea. The retro look is actually a bit more risque than their normal wear, save for Catwoman who takes on a more elegant wardrobe. Either way, these three nailed it with their Siren/Bombshell mashups. It's obvious that a lot of work went into these costumes, with even the makeup and hair being styled to perfection.

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6 Punk City Sirens

If there is one aesthetic that fits the Gotham City Sirens, it's punk. Punk-themed characters are typical in cosplay culture, though you won't find many quite like these three. Their moto jackets are particularly impressive, with Harley's Quinn's ever-present red and black and Ivy's rose patched jacket. The spiked collar on the Catwoman cosplayer is also an intimidating accessory.

5 Original Gotham City Siren

The Gotham City Sirens first issue cover attracted audiences with the dynamic group's recognizable costumes. Harley Quinn is depicted with her classic red and black jumpsuit and mask, Poison Ivy dons a leafy one piece with matching gloves, and Catwoman's fierce bodysuit wouldn't be complete without her whip in tow. Rei, who is wearing the Poison Ivy outfit in this photo says that becoming one of these iconic characters had been a dream of hers. It's safe to say that each one of these cosplayers looks indistinguishable from the original three.

4 Sexy Sirens

Needless to say, the general DC audience has always found the Gotham City Sirens to be an attractive bunch, but cosplayers have found ways to make these three even more irresistible. A fun way for cosplayers both new and seasoned to jump into the skins of their favorite characters is with the ease of cosplay suits. These suits save cosplayers the hassle of having to find individual pieces or suffer from hours of body painting in Poison Ivy's case. That's the route these cosplayers choose and it's quite obvious that their costumes are still as fierce as ever.

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3 Christmas City Sirens

Gotham City Sirens may be known for their unruly ways, but that doesn't mean they can't be joyous from time to time. Another creative aspect of cosplaying is getting the chance to give a festive touch to costumes around the holidays. That's the case with this group of DC beauties, who decided to add some Christmas spirit to their cosplays. Poison Ivy draped in garland, Harley christened with Christmas lights, and Catwoman wearing a subtle piece of mistletoe is the perfect way to accessorize for these particular DC characters.

2 Gotham City Heathers

This riveting concept came from the minds of the cosplayers who fashioned these costumes together. Emma Jupiter is up front and center as Harley Quinn with Crystal as Catwoman and Caleigh as Ivy. She shared their idea to mix the production, Heather's Musical, with the Sirens. The rock production is fitting for the group, and their pleated and plaid skirts are certainly reminiscent of the West End project's own characters.

1 The Animated Series

The Gotham City Sirens only briefly appear in an animated TV series. Thankfully, there are cosplayers to give fans live-action representation. These girls look like they are ready to actually jump onto the big screen with their flawless costumes. From their poses to their expressions, Harley, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman have never seemed more real.

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