Studio Wants Throat Slitting Sweeney Todd Rated PG-13?

How ridiculous is this?

Warner Bros. Studio hires Tim Burton (a director known for the creepy tone he brings to even fairy tale stories) to direct a movie based on the stage play Sweeney Todd, which is about a barber who slits the throats of his customers so that his mistress can grind them up into meat pies. Burton makes the movie, assuming obviously with that for a story that the movie will be rated R.

Now the word it that the studio has come back and wants the movie trimmed for a PG-13 rating.

Predictably, Tim Burton is not happy about this.

If you to shelled out the money to produce a movie as described above, wouldn't you assume that based on the story and the director (who I think is a great choice for this film) that the final result would not be a PG-13 movie? Would you even want this movie to be PG-13?

It's a gruesome story and should be portrayed so on the screen. One of the major hallmarks of a PG-13 movie is the lack of blood in scenes where there should be plenty (the major offender in this category are gunfights where hundreds of shots are fired, people drop like flies and there's not a drop of blood to be seen).

How they expect one of the bloodiest ways to kill someone (throat slitting) followed by grinding body parts into meat pies to be "cleansed" to a PG-13 rating is beyond me. Plus, this may be off topic, but considering how civilians have been murdered by masked terrorists using a similar method in Iraq, the last thing I want to see is the gruesome aspect of this type of death made less shocking in a film.

Source: /Film

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