10 Strongest Disney Princesses, Ranked

Disney Princesses have certainly evolved throughout time and for the better. No longer are they simply damsels in distress who rely on a handsome prince to come and save them. Now in Disney films, we see these princesses taking action in order to fulfill their wildest dreams. There are tons of powerful Disney Princesses, and here is our list ranking the strongest of the bunch.

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When Disney fans think of Cinderella, the word "strength" usually doesn't come to mind. This old school princess is considered by many to be a bit on the passive side, but this doesn't mean she isn't filled with internal strength when it comes to important matters. It takes a lot of courage and willpower for a person to be as kind and understanding as she is, especially considering the way she is treated by her stepmother and stepsisters.

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Most people would become rather cruel if they had been so mistreated throughout their lives, but Cinderella shows strength by spreading kindness and love wherever she goes. Gentleness is a subtle but powerful trait that not many people can say they have.


Ariel from The Little Mermaid is extremely passionate when it comes to the things she loves most, and she will do whatever it takes to have her wildest dreams fulfilled. Yes, one of her greatest desires is to be with Prince Eric, but more importantly, all she wants is to be on land and out of the sea. Ariel is a princess who takes action and refuses to stand idly by. Her father expects her to submit to his every demand, but this is not the way Ariel works. She is the kind of person who knows exactly what she wants and this is a sign of serious strength.


Rapunzel is another example of a Disney Princess who is extremely passionate. She has the kindness of Cinderella and the drive of Ariel which comes out to be a solid mix. All this character wants is to see the lanterns being lit up in the sky. In a way, these lanterns represent freedom and hope for Rapunzel who has been trapped inside the top of the tower for her entire life by her evil stepmother. Rapunzel goes after her dreams and she has a serious appreciation for the world around her. Her gratitude is seriously inspiring to us all.


We can learn a lot from this Disney Princess because out of all the princesses, this girl carries the most wisdom. In the most famous song from the movie, "Colors of the Wind", Pocahontas teaches John Smith how to start appreciating the beauty of the world around him. She teaches him (and the rest of us) how every single thing on earth has value and importance, and it's essential to recognize this in order to prevent human greed. Our hearts melt every time we hear this song because it teaches us so much on how to be more selfless.


Belle is extremely unique as a Disney Princess because she is very much a lone wolf. All she really wants is to read as many books as she can get her hands on, and she refuses to change herself in order to be accepted by her peers. Belle lives in a provincial town where people cannot seem to accept the fact that she loves to read and learn so much.

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During the time when Beauty and the Beast took place, a woman reading was seriously frowned upon. Belle never conformed to society's rules and she never attempted to be someone who she was not. This is a valuable lesson that we can all learn from because her character proves it's better to be yourself than to adhere to societal norms.


Aladdin, Jasmine in disguise

Jasmine is an extremely powerful princess because she refuses to submit to the rules brought upon her by the kingdom. Her character is told that she has to get married and start a family because this is tradition, and it is made out that she has no choice in this matter. Jasmine is sick of being silenced and she despises the fact that she can never have her own voice. Well, guess what? She won't let this go on any longer. Although it is highly frowned upon, Jasmine speaks up and lets her opinions be known to the rest of the world. This is a trait we can all learn from.


Tiana is blessed with an incredibly strong work ethic and she will do whatever it takes to get her dreams fulfilled. Unlike most princesses that we've seen in the older Disney films, Tiana couldn't care less about finding a man to save her.

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All she really desires is to open up her own restaurant so she can show off her brilliant cooking skills and share her delicious recipes with the rest of the world. During a time period when a female owning her own business was greatly frowned upon, (especially as a black woman in America), Tiana is able to overcome countless hurdles in order to make her dreams come true.


Anna and Elsa are extremely inspiring as Disney Princesses because of how much they love and value each other. In fact, in Disney's Frozen, the true love story is not between a prince and a princess, but it is between the two sisters who love each other unconditionally regardless of whether or not they adhere to societal norms. Anna refuses to give up on her sister Elsa, even when she is at her lowest point. Their bond is so beautiful and selfless that it carries a whole lot of strength that we can't help but admire.


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Merida from Brave is one of the strongest Disney princesses we've seen because she teaches us that it's okay to follow your own path. Like some of the other princesses we've seen so far on this list, Merida is told that she needs to marry and raise a family in order to be successful. This isn't something that Merida wants and she refuses to sit by while being forced into a life that is not meant for her. She takes action and saves the day without the help of a Prince Charming.


How could Mulan not be number one on this list? She is undoubtedly the strongest Disney princess we have seen yet because she takes the most action in order to help save her family (and the world). Mulan puts herself at serious risk for the sake of others and she basically saves all of China, so yeah. Pretty badass if you ask us.

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