10 Board Games That Could Make Your Relationship Stronger

Board games are a great way to get closer to your partner, through deepening your knowledge of each other and gaining communication skills. Nothing can replace leisure time together, having fun and laughing over a simple pastime. The games on this list will help strengthen your bond with your sweetheart, through silly questions, secret codes and even a little bit of role playing. Some are meant to be played with others, while some are exclusively for time alone with your number one.

None of the games are meant to be taken too seriously, keeping the competitiveness low and the relaxation levels high. For your next party with friends, date night, adventurous vacation or late night by the fire, keep these games on hand to get closer while having fun.

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10 Match Mate


This game features cards with over 1000 questions, under the categories of Memory, Personality, Sensuality and Odds and Ends. The questions are provocative and help you test how well you and your partner match up. The game is played with multiple couples, anywhere from 2 to 4 pairs of people total. Couples see if they can answer funny questions in the same way, often revealing that in a lot of instances, they may not know each other as well as they thought.

This is a great game for parties where you and your sweetie are hosting, such as a couples' dinner. Enjoy getting to know each other even better through this lighthearted game.

9 TableTopics: Date Night


This game is about starting interesting conversations with your partner, hopefully hitting on topics and revelations that you don't normally get to. Sometimes you need a little bit of help pushing yourselves out of your comfort zone, and this game does that for you.

Cards include questions such as, "If you were to completely switch directions career-wise, what would you be doing?" and, "If we were a superhero tag team, what would our names be?" - all with the goal of seeing new sides to one another. Getting creative with your answers makes this more fun, and this can be played over a cute dinner or casually while hanging out on the couch.

8 Over the Line


Any chance you have to compete with your main squeeze on the same team should be taken. In this game, you can team up with your partner for this riff on charades mixed with Pictionary. The cards hold slightly "over the line" answers that you must act out or draw for your teammate to guess, such as "naked grandma" or "lap dance".

This is a time-pressured game that tests your ability to communicate clearly with each other, while remaining calm in the face of pressure. It's a fun way to make sure you are both rock-solid for any hard times that may come your way.

7 Taboo


Taboo is another great party game, played with a larger group. This is another opportunity to snag your sweetie as your teammate, and use what you know about each other to help with guessing clues. In Taboo, on their turn, each player must get their team to guess a word without saying it (or any of the banned words).

It can be an easier game to play when your partner is on your team, as you can give personal hints and use your intimacy to gain an advantage. This is another great communication skill-builder and a game that will surely have you laughing as well.

6 Hoopla


Looking silly in front of your partner is an important part of getting close, intimate and falling deeper in love. In this game, you can use two teams or two solo players, for a party or a cute date night. Get your lover to guess what's on your card by giving them clues.

Clues come in the form of drawings, wordless act-outs, alliterations or "tweeners" (where players state that the answer is bigger than a ____ and smaller than a ____). This is a wonderful game for letting loose and releasing tension together, which is always a powerful way to take your relationship to the next level.

5 Monogamy


This is a game you may end up keeping tucked away in private. It's only for two players, who are as close as you are to your partner. The game board features squares that involve actions like kissing, taking off clothing or revealing information about yourself to your partner.

The game works in stages, starting with Intimate, moving on to Passionate, and finally reaching Steamy, where things escalate the most. This is a tool to spend a fun night together and is wonderfully cheesy in a good way. This is definitely not a game that is meant to be pulled out during a dinner with your in-laws - you've been warned.

4 Hanabi


Hanabi is a compact game that can be played anywhere, meant for 2-5 players and it is perfect for just a couple. In this game, you are creating a beautiful fireworks display together. There is no competing with each other in Hanabi - it's entirely cooperative and when you succeed, you succeed together.

Players hold their cards facing away from themselves, so you can see your partner's hand, but not your own. You then must use clues to communicate to your partner what they should play next, to create the perfect firework show. This is a great cooperation game and helps with getting your point across to the most important person in your life.

3 Codenames Duet


Codenames Duet is another cooperative game for a couple to play and expand on their invincibility as a team. Like the original game, the objective is to get your partner to guess the names on the cards that correspond with the names of secret agents. The twist is that both players are giving clues, and both are guessing, as each player can see where half of the agents are.

This is an excellent game for couples - you can accomplish something together and attribute it to how perfectly your two brains match. You can also play with the clues, making them specific to things only you and your partner would know.

2  2. Fog of Love


Fog of Love allows you and your beau to go through the motions of a full relationship that isn't your own. The experience of the game is like being thrown into a romantic comedy - full of emotional ups and downs, obstacles to overcome as a couple and lots of laughs and awkward moments.

You each play a character and the two of you meet and fall in love, before a romantic adventure ensues. See if you can end up together at the end of the game - and if you can't, you still have your real-life relationship, fully intact, to enjoy for the rest of the night.

1 Talk Flirt Dare


The cards in this game are separated into the three categories of Talk, Flirt and Dare. The Talk category sparks conversation between you and your partner, testing your knowledge of one another and revealing surprising answers to questions. The Flirt category contains questions that encourage closeness and flirting. The Dare category has cards full of physical dares to help ignite a spark between you.

This is a casual game that can be picked up whenever the mood strikes... and put down whenever a new mood strikes. Keep this game around for nights when you feel a bit disconnected from one another and would like a little something to rekindle your flame.

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