Strike Back Season 5 Trailer Introduces You to the New Team

Cinemax's military actions series Strike Back is set for a brand new mission with an all-new team in the official trailer for season 5. The series is no stranger to revivals/reboots, as the first Richard Armitage/Andrew Lincoln-led season that aired on Sky1 soon gave way to the more team-oriented series starring Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton on Cinemax. That iteration of the series ran for four seasons and even repackaged the first effort as a miniseries titled Strike Back: Origins for US audiences. That, of course, has led to no end of confusion with regard to which is the correct numbering of the seasons between UK and US viewers. For the sake of simplification, we'll just call the February launch the start of season 5.

The new team has a lot to live up to, as the dynamic between Winchester's stolid Michael Stonebridge and Stapleton's volatile Damian Scott was often the best part of the show that didn't involve things going boom. The relationship between the two disparate personalities made for some fun exchanges and helped bring a sense of levity to a show that could otherwise have been boiled down to a run-and-gun shooter. That's a big hill for the new season to climb, but if there's one thing Strike Back has proven, it's how readily it can introduce new characters without completely altering what makes the show work in the first place.

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This time, Daniel MacPherson (Neighbors), Roxanne McKee (Dominion), Warren Brown (Luther), and Alin Sumarwata (also Neighbors), head up Section 20. And the new trailer offers a better look at how much the team has changed, and how much it's still the same Section 20 fans remember. The tagline for the series reads "New Team. Same Attitude." -- which, as the trailer demonstrates with its gunplay, explosions, and banter, not to mention the not so subtle hints at the mandated sex scenes, it's almost as though Strike Back never left the air.

Strike Back - Season 5 key art

Perhaps the biggest change put forth by the trailer is the idea that Section 20 is now even more of a four-person team in the field, and less of a two-man wrecking crew with other characters there to offer support when necessary. MacPherson and Brown seem to be developing a Stonebrigde and Scott-like relationship, which the trailer underscores by having Sumarwata call them out on it. That sort of repartee helps the series not take itself too seriously – something Origins and its antagonistic relationship between the two leads struggled to do – even if the jokes seem outdated and maybe not as self-aware as they should be.

But self-awareness and subtlety aren't necessarily things in Strike Back's wheelhouse. Instead, the show puts a premium on frenetic action sequences and globe-hopping adventures, which from the looks of what's on display in the trailer will definitely be making a comeback as well.

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Strike Back season 5 premieres Friday, February 2, 2018 @10pm on Cinemax.

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