'Strike Back' Season 4 Trailer: Scott & Stonebridge Must Stop WWIII

It feels like years since last we got to adventure with television’s most cinematic action duo, Strike Back’s Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) & Scott (Sullivan Stapelton)… and that’s because it has, in fact, been years. Due to an off set injury suffered by Stapleton during filming, the final season of the series was pushed from 2014 to 2015 to allow the actor time to recover (all the cast members are required to be in 100% health in order to shoot the series).

However, with principle photography over and the show already airing oversees in the U.K., we here in the U.S. are finally getting some glimpses into the final adventure of everyone’s two favorite Section 20 soldiers in the latest trailer [seen above] for the new season set to debut on Cinemax later this month.

Here is the official synopsis for Strike Back's final season:

In the new episodes, Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge, along with the rest of Section 20, are enlisted to crack a missing-persons case in Bangkok. This elite undercover unit of British intelligence quickly realizes that what seems on the surface to be a simple kidnapping is actually the first step in a massive terrorist plot with global implications. Scott, Stonebridge and the team crisscross Asia and Europe, battling Japanese Yakuza, Russian Mafia, cyberterrorists, elite mercenaries and other deadly forces.

The cast for Strike Back season 4 (a.k.a. Strike Back:Legacy) includes some familiar Strike Back players: Robson Green as Locke, Milauna Jackson as Martinez, and Michelle Lukes as Richmond. Guest stars for this season will include Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Will Yun Lee (The Wolverine), Michael McElhatton (Game of Thrones), Adrian Paul (Highlander: The Source), Dustin Clare (Spartacus), and Max Beesley (Suits).

Strike Back season 4 trailer

The loss of Strike Back is going to be a real loss for the television landscape after this year. There’s simply nothing else like it currently in production. There’s no other show putting on a legitimate 1980s action movie for 10 weeks a year. Everything Hollywood has been trying to recapture with movies like The Expendables (and just about every Jason Statham B-movie) has already been happening with near non-stop consistency on Strike Back.

Of course, while we’re losing Strike Back, we aren’t losing its two dynamic leads once the show ends. Both Philip Winchester and Sulivan Stapleton were picked up to star in two new series airing on NBC this fall in the form of The Player and Blindspot, respectively. Both shows have the action vibe we’ve come to expect from the two actors, though The Player is definitely going for more of Strike Back’s levity filled intensity while Blindspot is attempting more of an “adult thriller” kind of vibe for its story.

Still, the ending of Strike Back as a series isn’t going to stop us from hoping that everyone involved sees potential in keeping the series alive in the form of the occasional direct-to-video one-off film. (Hey, if Stargate could get away with it for two movies, why can’t Strike Back?) A one-off series event like 24: Live Another Day would be welcome too.


Strike Back season four premieres July 31st, 2015 on Cinemax.

Source: Cinemax

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