15 Stretchiest Superheroes, Ranked

Plastic Man from DC Comics

Stretchiness is by far one of the most well-recognized superhero abilities. After being popularized in the 1940s, and heavily represented not only in both Marvel and DC proprieties, it's reached into manga, anime, and Western animated TV shows and feature films.

While there are sketchy parameters to judge just how stretchy a hero is, some are definitely more stretchy than others. Some heroes have proven themselves on multiple occasions to be pliable beyond limits, with bodies that can transform in whatever shape or achieve any length they so desire.

Elasticity is a power held by those with both big personalities and gloomy natures, by heroes in famous proprieties and abandoned ones, by mothers, fathers, teenagers, scientists, and actresses. It is often an ability given to characters who need to be malleable to deal with their lives in and out of their suits.

Bend your mind, twist your knowledge, and get ready to meet the 15 Stretchiest Superheroes of all!

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15Thin Man

Marvel’s Thin Man might not have been the actual, original stretchy superhero, but he is the oldest one to have those abilities and be popular.

Bruce Dickson was an explorer in the 1930s who climbed the Mount Kalpurthia (in the Himalayas) and found the Heaven of Kalahia. Not unlike Black Panther’s Wakanda, Kalahia was a place seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but which actually possessed very advanced technology. There, Bruce Dickson had his body altered by the Kalahia people, inheriting eternal youth, superb physical strength, and complete ability to stretch or shape his body in whichever way-- including becoming flat, or better yet, thin. So Thin Man, the hero, emerged.

Conceived in the 1940s but having peaked in the 1970s, Thin Man is considered a founding member of Marvel’s Liberty Legion team. He’s an old-school Marvel character,a contemporary of heroes such as Captain America and Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch.

14Rubberband Man

Adam Evans is a musician who, at first, emerges as sort of a villain in the DC Comic’s animated series Static Shock. He has a song stolen by a music producer and given to a rapper, and tries to get revenge on those who betrayed him.

As a metahuman, Adam is known as Rubberband Man, because his body is made of rubber and is therefore solid, but highly elastic. He is pretty flexible, but less so than many of the stretchy heroes we have come to know. Adam is also a younger brother to Ebon, the leader of the Meta-Breed, and Static’s main villain.

Rubberband Man later phases out of his villainous ways; going as far as dating Sharon Hawkins, another Static Shock main character. The episodes that centered around Adam were often very dramatic, dealing with serious themes such as trust and jealousy, and also revealed his struggle with learning disabilities, like dyslexia.

Also, a different Rubberband Man made an appearance in the comics. A villain whose secret identity was Kamron Stringer appeared in a single issue of Static in 1996.


Flatman is a superhero with elasticity abilities who sports a blue suit with a giant “F” in the middle. It is easy to understand why fans so often mistaken him for Reed Richards, otherwise known as Mr. Fantastic. That resemblance is intentional, as Flatman actively chose at one point to disguise himself as Mr. Fantastic.

Flatman – also known as Dr. Val Ventura – is actually a guy named Matt, and he is part of the Great Lakes Avengers. He has also been nicknamed “The 2-D Avenger” for, well, looking flat and two-dimensional. He can shape-shift to pretty much any form, human or otherwise. In a few instances, he actually shifted to the form of origami.

Unlike Doctor Strange, who was pretty open about being a surgeon, Flatman withheld information about his academic background (and left his Dr. Val Ventura title unexplained) many times in order to protect his secret identity. Also, in GLA: Misassembled #2, Flatman came out as gay.

12Monkey D. Luffy

This One Piece protagonist could do a lot of things, but after eating a certain type of legendary Devil Fruit called Gum-Gum Fruit, his body became like rubber, allowing him to expand his body in many ways and fight in long distances.

Monkey D. Luffy is also known for punches and kicks, using his elongating abilities in combination with his fighting techniques in order to create slingshot-like attacks full of speed and power. Monkey is actually one of the most creative heroes who can stretch, using his malleable body structure in ways that many Marvel and DC characters didn’t.

In the early stages of Monkey D. Luffy’s expandable abilities, it seemed like he didn’t have as much ease with them as one would assume. However, with time, Monkey gained more control of his powers and was shown stretching quickly and durably. Monkey eventually became so comfortable with it all that it became a running joke in the series that he couldn’t possibly be in too much pain, since his body was made of rubber.

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