Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Coming Valentines Day 2020

Capcom has announced Street Fighter V: Championship Edition coming in February 2020, featuring the return of Gill, the boss from Street Fighter III.

Street Fighter V Championship Edition Gill

Capcom has announced Street Fighter V: Championship Edition, an upcoming enhanced version of Street Fighter V, and revealed the new title will release on February 14th, 2020. Originally released in 2016, Street Fighter V received a similar update in January of 2018 with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, (not to be confused with the arcade box Street Fighter II replicade system) which included all the game's DLC characters as well as new gameplay modes and refined interface graphics.

Capcom is no stranger to re-releasing games with additional content, especially when it comes to the Street Fighter series. The company has been hinting at something big for Street Fighter V for a while now, and although it was recently announced Chun-Li will join the Power Rangers in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Capcom seems to have even bigger things in mind.

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As announced in a press release by CapcomStreet Fighter V will be getting a Championship Edition on Valentines Day 2020. This new version of Street Fighter V will include all previous content from both the original release and the Arcade Edition, minus Fighting Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes, and Capcom Pro Tour DLC. In addition, the Championship Edition will feature the return of Gill, the final boss from Street Fighter III.

Street Fighter V Championship Edition Zangief

All together, the Street Fighter V: Championship Edition contains 40 playable characters with over 200 costumes to choose from, as well as 34 fighting stages and multiple different types of gameplay modes including Story, Arcade, Team Battle, and either ranked or casual online matches. Although the Championship Edition will not be releasing until February of next year, players who want to get the master of fire and ice in their game ahead of time can purchase the character separately starting in December 2019 for either 100,000 Fight Money or $5.99. Players of either the Arcade or normal edition of SFV who want to secure their Championship Edition content as soon as it becomes available can purchase an upgrade kit for $24.99.

Street Fighter V has had an interesting road from it's initial announcement to the game's current form, from controversies stemming from the game's depiction of women leading to character intros being changed to arguments over whether real-world in-game ads for clothing companies should be allowed. The addition of Gill to Street Fighter V is sure to please long-time series fans, and although $25 seems a little high, especially for players who already upgraded to the Arcade Edition, these additional versions Capcom is so adamant on providing does give new players who haven't yet experienced Street Fighter V the perfect opportunity to do so when it releases on PS4 and PC on February 14th, 2020.

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Source: Capcom

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