Street Fighter: The 15 Most WTF Things M. Bison Has Done

M Bison in Street Fighter

When it comes to diabolical video game villains, few can match the style and determination of M. Bison. Or is it the level of psychosis that they can't match? Whatever the case, Bison will probably be standing with a sinister grin once all's said and done. Not even certain death can keep the Shadaloo dictator down for very long, and it definitely hasn't wiped that smile off his face.

Though he has an army, world class scientists, and endless resources, Bison still finds a way to get caught up in the thick of it. He takes the meaning of "Psycho Power" quite literally all of the time, which makes him one of those bad guys you love to hate. But sometimes he takes things just a little too far, one way or another, and just leaves everyone scratch their heads.

Check out the 15 Most WTF Things M. Bison Has Ever Done.

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15 He Joined A Support Group

There's no way Shadaloo's leader is just acting the part, right? He's way too happy with his circumstances regardless of what, or who, is at stake. Well, maybe there's a mushy center inside that crazy exterior after all.

In Wreck It Ralph, M. Bison is part of a bad guy support group called Bad-anon. It's designed to help video game villains accept the fact that they have to fulfill a certain role for the entirety of their existence. He's not the only one from the Street Fighter roster in Bad-anon. Curiously enough, the iconic wrestler, Zangief, is in attendance even though he loves kids and promotes professional wrestling at every turn. The two brawlers rub elbows with the likes of Dr. Robotnik, a Pac Man ghost and, of course, Ralph.

Perhaps all that Psycho Power was really just smoke and mirrors the whole time.

14 He Killed His Pregnant Wife

Irish M Bison Legend of Chun Li

You're probably used to seeing Bison in his classic red outfit, hat and theatrical cape. One reality actually exists where Bison is an Irish mob leader in a business suit. In Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, M. Bison opts for mafia supremacy and supernatural powers instead of world domination and Psycho Power. It's not what we're used to, but he's just as sadistic and menacing.

Providing some background information, Gen tells the story of Bison murdering his pregnant wife and transferring whatever benevolence he had to his daughter, Rose. In return, apparently he's granted an elevated sense of nihilism, explaining his ruthless ambitions and undertakings. Maybe that's what he needed to put an end to rival, and even friendly, families. Surely his super strength and creepy appearance weren't enough to give him the edge he needed.

That's a low point even for a guy like Bison.

13 He Created "Black Moon" Devices To Scare People Into Amplifying His Psycho Power

Make no mistake, there is nothing discrete about M. Bison. In his mind, it's all-or-nothing, with "nothing" just being a new beginning. In the newest story, A Shadow Falls, the Shadaloo dictator has yet another scheme for world domination. This time, he kidnapped a bunch of engineers and forced them into creating "Black Moons"; massive, orbiting devices designed to unleash EMPs that would shut down the world's largest cities. The ensuing chaos would amplify his Psycho Power, making him the most powerful being in the world.

As is normally the case, there's a big hiccup in his plan as some security keys and a password were lost. But hey, this is Bison we're talking about! He'll take what he can get, which in this case is the city of New York. The one Black Moon that was activated successfully forces New York to go dark, beefing up Bison's Psycho Power.

12 He Brainwashed A Bunch Of Teenage Girls

For an egotistical psychopath, Bison's structure for Shadaloo doesn't exactly exude confidence. For starters, he has his Grand Masters, or "Kings". Though intimidating, if not a bit weird, Balrog, Vega, Sagat and F.A.N.G. are given quite a bit of authority in Bison's organization. Then we have his obsession with Ryu, who's basically a vagrant. Last, but not least, nothing says "world domination" like brainwashing teenage girls into becoming your personal bodyguards.

Bison went through the trouble of developing the Psycho Drive, a device used to magnify his Psycho Power, and then used that to create an army of child slaves. Let that sink in. The man has a loyal army at his disposal, along with four of the deadliest fighters on the planet, but he felt it necessary to go through with the "Doll" program anyway. The guy has a screw loose, and this solidifies it.

11 He Turned Charlie Into Blanka

M. Bison has always had a strange relationship with Charlie. From their cryptic early encounter to a strange game of cat-and-mouse in Street Fighter V, Bison and Charlie are always at each other's throats, though the dictator seems to emerge victorious more often than not. Taking liberties with the fact that Charlie hadn't been introduced in the games yet, the writers of Street Fighter: The Movie catapulted this whole thing in epic fashion.

Guile's friend, later introduced to us as "Charlie Nash", was named "Carlos Blanka" in the live-action adaptation. So obviously every fan of the game was waiting for their favorite electrified, green fighter to make an appearance. Would it be like Jekyll and Hyde? Not really. Bison had his slave scientist, none other than Dhalsim himself, conduct a series of experiments on Carlos to create a green super-soldier with orange hair.

10 He Used Superconductor Electromagnetism Instead Of Psycho Power

Raul Julia M Bison

There are few things more iconic about M. Bison than his Psycho Power. The violet energy is the source of his strength and pride, and he takes it with him wherever he goes. Psycho Power can be imbued upon other people with the use of the Psycho Drive or other tertiary means, but no one will ever be able to manipulate it quite as well as Bison. Ah, but once again, Street Fighter: The Movie puts a unique twist on things. What if Bison didn't have Psycho Power?

Fear not, Shadaloo fans. Your ruthless leader just develops a different source of power to help accomplish his evil goals. Enter "superconductor electromagnetism". What's that, you ask? Bison scoffs at your question. Indeed, "This is merely superconductor electromagnetism. Surely you've heard of it," says the madman to one William F. Guile. One thing is for certain: it levitates things! Trains, desks, even Bison himself!

9 He Killed Magneto

Bison has battled with some of the best fighters in the world. Ryu, Guile, Akuma, you name it. But in one of the most successful crossover titles in fighting game history, M. Bison would take on some of Marvel's most famous mutants. X-Men vs. Street Fighter was the first of it's kind, allowing players to pick two characters and use them interchangeably throughout the fight.

Bison didn't have it easy against a lot of the roster since he's rather slow, and a lot of his special moves left him open for vicious counters. However, if the dictator played nice with his teammate of choice, he'd see his way through to to the final battle with Apocalypse in no time. After defeating Apocalypse, Bison's ending shows him standing over Magneto's body, indicating that his Psycho Power was enough to take over the world, mutants and all. Now on to the universe...

8 He Created An Army Of Cyborgs That Resembled Charlie

Once more with Bison's Charlie fetish. In Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, an old foe with a brand new look was introduced as the final boss of the game.  Cyber Akuma was faster, hit harder and he looked pretty awesome. Thanks to some tinkering by Apocalypse, Akuma now had wings and a few extra robotic arms. His existence should be a signal to anyone with a pulse that M. Bison would be after this new technology.

After climbing the ladder and destroying Cyber Akuma, another one of Bison's plans for world domination begins to take form. Presumably with the help of Shadaloo scientists, Bison uses the Cyber Akuma tech to build an entire army of cyborgs that look alarmingly similar to Charlie Nash. Their eyes resemble his glasses, and they even have a totally non-functional piece of armor hanging over their face that looks just like Charlie's hairdo.

7 He Uses A New Body When His Current One Gets Weak

M Bison in Street Fighter V

For a guy as cocky as Bison, he sure does lose a lot of fights. He's constantly throwing around his Psycho Power like it's going out of style, but it comes at a great cost. Whenever he's weakened in a fight or through excessive use of Psycho Power, he just boots up the Psycho Drive and takes a nap while his body recovers. Does that mean Shadaloo's boss can't die?

It gets really convoluted after the events of Street Fighter II. Bison, presumed completely dead, is actually ensuring that Shadaloo stay operational via its weapons division. His team actually had a worthy body under construction for Bison during this time, but he feared that his subordinates would try taking over since Seth organized another fighting tournament. So instead of just waiting to inhabit that powerful body, he takes a weaker one instead so he can join the fight.

6 He Lived In Rose's Body For A Little While

Remember how Bison transferred some of himself to Rose in the scenario above? That actually did happen in Street Fighter Alpha 3, an installment of the franchise with one of the best overall stories. The gypsy fortune teller infused with Soul Power learned that she and Bison shared part of the same soul, and that didn't sit well with her.

Taking the fight to Bison, she unleashed a flurry of Soul Power into the dictator but wasn't able to take him out for good. In the events that followed, Bison found himself disembodied inside the Psycho Drive thanks to Charlie's sacrificial efforts. That wasn't enough to put an end to Bison's reign of terror, obviously. Instead of staying down, Bison decides to take a little vacation in Rose's body until a suitable alternative was created.

Guess that's what happens when you share a soul with someone like Bison.

5 He Killed Juri's Family

Juri's a fairly new character to Street Fighter, but even she hasn't been left unscathed by the evil reach of M. Bison. When Shadaloo decided that her attorney father was a threat, the solution was simple. Juri lost her eye during the attack, but her family didn't make it.

A Taekwondo master at a very young age, she was an obvious target for experimental augmentation by S.I.N., the weapons division of Shadaloo previously discussed. They fix her eye by giving her something called the "Feng Shui Engine" which is a weapon unto itself, but it also amplifies her own abilities. Full of vengeance, she decides to take part of the conflict between S.I.N. and Shadaloo, chasing down Bison's Dolls and assassinating them.

Needless to say, the seductive young fighter isn't big on making friends. She goes around trying to pick fights specifically to inflict pain, which she loves.

4 He Hypnotized Ken

mbison yes yes

There isn't a more iconic duo in fighting games than Ryu and Ken. They're the faces of the Street Fighter franchise, and have agreed with each other that their quest for greatness will never be over. Though the two have fought countless times, Bison has tried turning the lifelong friends against each other a few times.

In Street Fighter Alpha, Bison intercepts Ken when he's going to practice with Ryu and beats him soundly. What better way to drag Ryu out from the shadows than with his childhood friend? So Bison does just that by brainwashing Ken and sending him out to fight against Ryu with sadistic intent. It doesn't work, of course, as Ryu beats up on his buddy and gets him to snap out of it.

Bison really doesn't have many cards up his sleeve, but he sure likes playing the same ones over and over again!

3 He Created Cammy From His Own DNA

Cammy Street Fighter 2

Once again, we have a situation where Bison's unstable mind and body push him to finding an acceptable alternative vessel for his consciousness. What better way to do that than by cloning yourself, right? Though Cammy isn't your prototypical clone, she still shares Bison's DNA as one of his Dolls.

She breaks free of Bison's control eventually, thanks in no small part to Vega's jealous obsession with her. The Spanish assassin just can't keep his mouth shut and keeps dropping hints that she's just an experiment. It's not until Dhalsim opens her mind with the mysteries of Yoga that she realizes what's going on.

And so begins Cammy's lifelong mission of looking out for the little guy. She frees the other Dolls against warnings from Bison, though the Psycho Drive causes them to lose their memories. That's a much better outcome when you consider what the alternative could have been for Cammy.

2 He Survived Akuma's Raging Demon

Ryu and Akuma each seek the same thing: To train their skills and continue their respective searches for the perfect battle. There is one pretty big difference, though. Akuma has fully embraced the dark side of their training, allowing the Satui no Hado to consume him to the point where he barely even looks like a human anymore.

One thing about Akuma is that he doesn't respect Bison at all. He feels as though he has mastered the Satui no Hado whereas Bison has simply let his lust for Psycho Power turn into a weakness. In the Street Fighter Alpha timeline, his apathy for Bison's existence takes a turn for the deadly as he apparently kills him with the infamous "Raging Demon" special move.

However, Bison is seen again in the Street Fighter II timeline, so he either didn't die, or his scientists had another body made for him before the tournament. Bit of both?

1 He Made Drugs

Shin M Bison Street Fighter II

Street Fighter EX2 Plus wasn't a horribly popular game, but it did have some wonky story elements. Bison already has the whole Psycho Power thing going for him, but apparently that wasn't good enough. Like the more dubious athletes of our time, he decides that performance enhancing drugs are what he needs to push his strength over the top.

SH-11 is his engineered drug of choice, and the Shadaloo dictator is confident that it's going to create a new sort of Psycho Power. How would this be possible, when Psycho Power isn't a biological enhancement? Who cares! This is a man with a plan! A deplorable plan, but a plan nonetheless. It's a strange choice for Bison, though. For someone who mocks the weaknesses of others, to fall back on drugs doesn't seem in line with his personality.

Eh, at least he's not copping out with the Psycho Drive again.

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