Bunch Of New Street Fighter Pictures

Some of these Street Fighter pictures may have already been out but I know that there are a bunch of new ones here. I still think this may turn out to be cheesy, but what's interesting is that with every new trailer and batch of pictures this movie looks more and more serious.

I still don't have high hopes for this, but these images actually look pretty good. Check 'em out:

Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog

Neal McDonough as Bison

Josie Ho as Cantana

Chris Klein as an Interpol agent

Kristen Kreuk on the run as Chun Li

Kristen Kreuk not on running any more

Chun Li in a fight scene from Street Fighter

Robin Shou as Gen

Kristen Kreuk in Street Fighter

Director Andrzej Bartkowiak and Kristen Kreuk

Michael Clarke Duncan looking bad-ass in Street Fighter

Moon Bloodgood looking sexy Street Fighter

Vega (you talkin' to me?)

Taboo as Vega unmasked

So what do you think? Feeling any better about this?

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li opens on February 27th.

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