15Blanka... or Jimmy?!

Blanka from Street Fighter cartoon

In the beginning early days of the franchise, only one fighter appeared to not be human: Blanka, the green beastie from Brazil. His monstrous howl, giant clawed hands, and ability to electrify his opponents added to the idea with most gamers that Blanka wasn’t the same species as

the rest of the roster.

If you beat the game as Blanka, however, you’d have learned the shocking truth. Blanka is in fact a human. Separated from his mother in a plane crash, Blanka grew up feral in the jungles of Brazil.

The reason for his bizarre green-colored skin was changed by Capcom between iterations, but has finally settled on being exposed to electric eels following his crash (and somehow that also explains his electrical abilities, too).

The ending in SFII reunites him with his mother, who tells him his name is actually Jimmy.

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