Capcom Is Hinting At Something Big For Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Capcom Tease

Street Fighter is one of the premier video game fighting franchises in the world, and developer Capcom has hinted at "something big" for the latest installment in the series. There was hope from the fanbase that Capcom would announce some more intriguing details on Street Fighter 5 at the conclusion of Final Round 2019, which unfortunately didn't happen.

Final Round is the first tournament of the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour, and after the event concluded, many viewing were disappointed that a character announcement wasn't made.  The Field of Fate stage was recently revealed, which only served to whet the appetite of the fanbase of this popular series. However, noticeably lacking from that reveal was the expected character announcement.

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The team at Eventhubs are reporting that Capcom community manager Matt Edwards recently made interesting statements regarding the future of Street Fighter V.  Matt Edwards had an interesting response to an interviewer suggesting that fans will be surprised by what's coming for the game, suggesting that:

"You definitely will. I can't wait till you see what we have in store".

This tease couldn't come at a better time for Capcom, which has recently been revitalizing fan interest in a majority of their video game franchises. The release of Street Fighter V was met with mediocre response from critics and the fan community, but since that period, Capcom has seen a resurgence in virtually every other one of its iconic properties. Devil May Cry 5 was released to rave reviews. The incredibly popular reboot of Resident Evil 2, which remade a classic from the ground-up, has many people craving more remakes of the survival horror series. Finally, 2018's Monster Hunter World released to critical acclaim last year and has remained a relevant, constantly updated title that fans continue to return to.

The idea of a new playable character being potentially added is one that will entice a lot of players, but it's important to note that this is just a rumor - any speculation beyond the fact that Capcom is teasing a major announcement should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, those who are fans of the competitive Street Fighter scene probably can't help but salivate over the prospect of a character coming in and shaking up what has been an ostensibly stale meta for quite some time.

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Source: Eventhub

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