Strangers Things, Defenders & Bright Get San Diego Comic-Con Banners

New banners for Netflix's Strangers ThingsThe Defenders, and Bright have arrived in San Diego ahead of Comic-Con. In less than a week, one of the entertainment industry's biggest events will be upon us, when this year's International Comic-Con begins. Thanks to the broadened focus the expo has gained over the years, comics, games, movies, and TV will all collide as news, photos, and trailers arrive for upcoming projects. One of the many participants will be Netflix, which will be bringing BrightStranger Things, and The Defenders to the convention—with the latter also part of Marvel's TV panel.

Next month, The Defenders will bring together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist for Marvel's first small screen team-up. Fan anticipation is certainly high for the street-level version of the Avengers. Stranger Things, meanwhile, will be debuting its second season this October. As one of last year's biggest successes, fans will be eager to learn more about the series before Halloween. Finally, Bright will mark another step in Netflix's film plans. Starring Will Smith and Joel Egerton, the original movie by David Ayer (Suicide Squad) is a police procedural in a fantasy world.

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The SDCC Blog has posted photos of the banners for The DefendersBright, and Stranger Things season 2 on the streets of San Diego, teasing more reveals about the movie and two shows to come next week. You can check out all three banners in the photo gallery, below.

[vn_gallery name="San Diego Comic-Con Netflix Banners" id="1015692"]

These banners aren't the first new looks we've had of these projects this week. Yesterday, a new image from Bright emerged giving us our best look yet at Egerton's orc cop from the film. While Suicide Squad wasn't a hit with critics, Ayer's previous track record (see End of Watch, Fury) still has many excited for the new collaboration with Netflix.

The Defenders, meanwhile, has been getting quite the spotlight recently. Today brought with it a new SDCC poster for the series along with one for The Punisher. We also got another new poster this week along with some insight into the traits each hero brings to The Defenders roster.

Finally, the poster for Stranger Things season 2 just barely arrived and confirmed the new season's official premiere date. Though we've gotten a number of looks at the upcoming season so far, there's a good chance next weekend will bring with it a new trailer for the next installment of Stranger Things.

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Look for more updates on BrightThe Defenders and Stranger Things when San Diego Comic-Con gets underway, next week.

Source: SDCC Blog

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