Stranger Things: 10 Tattoos Only True Fans Will Understand

Stranger Things has become a pop culture phenomenon with fans from all walks of life becoming more and more obsessed with this incredible show. Between the nostalgia, friendships, romance, small town corruption and sci-fi monsters, this series has a little bit of everything to reel viewers in.

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So it's no wonder that these superfans want Stranger Things inspired-ink on their skin permanently. The artwork is not only remarkable, but the meaning behind each tattoo that ties into the show is what makes it truly special. Only true fans of Stranger Things will understand the tattoos featured on this list and it will likely have you eager to get a tattoo inspired by the show yourself.

10 Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

This iconic song by The Clash defined Season 1 of Stranger Things. Jonathan played this song for Will in a flashback during that season when he was trying to distract his younger brother from their parents fighting. It became the song that played over and over again, with Will even singing it to himself when he was stuck in the Upside Down. This tattoo is clearly dedicated to the importance of that song over the course of the first season.

Of course, to complete the amazing artwork on this tattoo, we have the famous Christmas lights that Joyce used to communicate with her son while he was in the Upside Down during that same season. The vivid colors, clean lines, and beautiful depiction of this season 1 arc makes for an incredible tattoo.

9 Eleven’s Marker

Any Stranger Things fan will immediately recognize where this tattoo comes from. Eleven has this very same ink tattooed on  her skin that we first saw in Season 1. This marker was used to keep track of her as one of the children Hawkins Lab had taken to run experiments on. It was also used as a way to refer her to instead of a real name.

This fan of the show decided to honor the show and Eleven specifically with the same ink that she is seen donning. The simplicity of it is absolutely perfect.

8 Dustin’s New Teeth

In Season 2 of Stranger Things, Dustin is ready to show off his shiny new teeth. In the first season, we learned that he had a condition that caused him to not have all of his front teeth called Cleidocranial Dysplasia. Now he was excited to be able to sport a new smile and impress everybody -- particularly girls. His go-to move was to make a sort of purring sound to entice these girls, and also get on his friends nerves.

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Eventually, his new buddy Steve Harrington told him he just needed to stop doing it because it was not very cool. But it was still a hilarious moment that this fan decided to have depicted on themselves forever. It's a great piece and would definitely be a conversation starter. The comic book effect with the "grrr!" makes it pop even more.

7 Barb’s Missing

This is another great throwback to the era that Stranger Things is in -- the 1980s. Back then, when a child was missing, their missing persons poster was typically put on the back of a milk carton.

As we all know, Barb went missing to the Upside Down in the first season, much like Will. Only she did not make it out alive. But here, we have what appears to be her missing persons poster on a milk carton in Hawkins. We love this great artistic take on Barb's storyline and the fact she was never found.

6 Steve’s Weapon

Sometimes a great fan tattoo is one that is wonderfully simplistic while still depicting the part of the fandom they're going for effortlessly. For Stranger Things fans, one look at this piece and the first thing you think of is: Steve Harrington.

The bully jock turned babysitting hero started using this as his weapon of choice against the Demogorgon in the first season finale. He used this baseball bat with nails and helped to injure the Demogorgon at a crucial moment. This fan took his go-to weapon and inked it on their skin, showing their true dedication to the show and one of its favorite characters ever.


When Joyce found out the only way communicate with her missing son, Will, was through the use of electricity -- specifically lights -- she went out and bought all of the Christmas lights she could find. She set up her system in her home for him to talk to her with these lights and the use of the alphabet.

During a heart-pumping and dramatic scene with Joyce and the lights, Will spells out one word: "Run." This message of his from the Upside Down is shown here in this bright and beautiful piece. Aside from the daunting warning, the Christmas lights are also surrounding the terrifying word.

4 Barb Faces The Demogorgon

This is one of the most detailed and artistic tattoo designs on the list featuring Barb's sihouette and the frightening Demogorgon who ultimately took her life. Barb was last seen at Steve Harrington's by herself on the diving board in his pool, until she was taken to the Upside Down where the Demogorgon was lurking.

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The monster that is skulking around the woods, looking for prey, is shown across her face. This unique and beautiful tattoo is a great tribute to Barb and her life that was cut too short on the hit Netflix series.

3 Friends Don’t Lie

Mike and Eleven developed a deep and meaningful friendship over the course of the first season. When she was getting acclimated to the world and the life Mike leads with his friends, he taught her many things. This moment, in particular, shown in this tattoo shows when Mike is explaining to Eleven that friends keep promises and more specifically, that they don't lie.

This becomes a common phrase said by Eleven throughout the series and it's very important to her that those that she cares about don't ever lie to her. We adore the use of the phrase depicted in the tattoo with Mike and Eleven speaking and the addition of the famous Christmas lights associated with the show.

2 Upside Down

Everyone can immediately recognize the Stranger Things logo simply from the bright red tones and the distinct font they use. Fans of the show also know that the Upside Down is the dreaded place in Hawkins, Indiana where if you enter, you aren't likely to come out of it unscathed or even alive.

This mega-fan took both ideas and melded them together. With the use of the signature logo font and the phrase Upside Down, they have created a gorgeous tattoo that's simplicity only makes it better. We would love to have this very same ink ourselves.

1 Hopper’s Morning Necessities

Another fan favorite character on the show is Jim Hopper, chief of police in Hawkins. When we first meet him, he is coming into work hoping for two things that are essential to his mornings: coffee and contemplation. That's what mornings are for, according to him.

This fan of the series must feel the same way about their mornings -- or just really loves Jim Hopper -- because that is what they chose to get tattooed from the show. Whether it's the quote they love or Jim himself -- or both -- it really is a perfect way to show love for Stranger Things with this artwork on their body.

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